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Top reasons people keep using Mukuru:
  • It's Easy - just call us
  • It's Fast - money can be collected instantly
  • It's Cheap - 10% rates
  • It's Safe - we guaruntee the transfer!

Why use Mukuru?

It's the EASIEST

To send money just call us!

It's the FASTEST

Money is instantly available for your friends and family!


No more taxis. No more risk!

It's the SAFEST

Delivery is guaranteed. Sending money is easy and risk free!

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What's this?

1. Sign up

Travel to your nearest Inter Africa branch to sign up. We understand it may be a distance to your nearest store, but once you have registered you can send money back to Zimbabwe by just calling the Inter Africa sales line: 0860MUKURU (0860685878) or 0860018555.

You MUST bring along ONE document from each category:

Category 1 - Proof Of Identity

  • South African ID - you are a South African OR
  • South African Passport - you are a South African OR
  • Foreign Passport - you are NOT a South African OR
  • Asylum papers - you have been granted asylum in South Africa OR
  • ETD - Emergency Travel Document
  • BI-1155 - if you have applied for regularisation, you can bring your stamped BI-1155 form, plus any photo ID

Category 2 - Proof Of Income

  • Payslip - from your employer OR
  • Letter of Employment plus Form (1). Download Form (1) here OR
  • Self Employed Form, stamped by local police station. Download Form (2) here.

Category 3 - Proof Of Residency - showing your name and address on it

  • Utility Bill - you have an account with electricity, telephone, television OR
  • Bank Statement - you have a bank account in South AfricaOR
  • Landlord's letter confirming you are staying at his/her address PLUS Utility in Landlord's name