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About Mukuru.com

What is Mukuru.com?
Mukuru.com is an online remittance company. We are a UK based entity with a London call centre staffed by graduates. We offer customers all over the world the opportunity to send money, goods and services to their relatives or friends back home.
What can Mukuru.com offer me?
Mukuru.com enables you to support your loved ones at home in a cost-effective manner. We know how hard people work for their money these days, so it is our goal to facilitate extremely convenient value transfers at the minimum level of cost. Mukuru.com is a quick and easy method of purchasing goods or services. If you get stuck and don’t like computers, we have a friendly customer support team that can help you transact entirely over the telephone.
What is a Mukuru account?
A Mukuru.com account is a confidential account, held with us, which keeps track of both your orders and your recipients’ details. If you are an online customer you can place orders, view and amend recipient details, and even replicate previous orders, all online, using your account. If you prefer to transact over the telephone you will still have a Mukuru account, only one of our operators will manage it for you, amending the details of your orders as and when you wish to place them.
Can anyone sign up for a Mukuru account?
Absolutely! As long as you are over 18 years old you can set up your own account by registering with us online. If you do not have access to a computer, or dislike computers, then simply contact our call centre and our friendly staff will help you to sign up for a telephonic account.
How long will it take to sign up?
Just a few minutes if you happen to be online! Simply follow the prompts on the website. It’s as easy at that.
How confidential and secure is Mukuru.com?
Mukuru.com is an extremely secure and confidential website. And there is no chance of Mukuru.com giving your details out to any third party organisations because we are unable to see your credit/debit card details ourselves. Your details will be captured and stored on a secure server by our card authorisation authority.
Why can’t I use my friend’s Mukuru.com account?
To ensure that our high standards of security are maintained, we will not allow anyone else to use your account, nor will we allow you to use someone else’s account. To help us maintain the highest security standards please take a couple of minutes to establish your own, personal Mukuru.com account.
Why am I asked for my customer number when I call?
Having your customer number close at hand allows our customer service staff to access your details quickly, making it easier for them to assist you further.
What is a Mukuru.com order?
An order is a registered purchase of a product, or service, that you have created either online or telephonically.
How do I place an order?
To place an order, follow the simple prompts on the Mukuru.com website. First choose the product or service that you would like to purchase. You will then be asked for your recipient’s details: name, address, cellphone number, ID and preferred collection region. Finally, you will be asked to indicate your preferred method of payment. You will be given an order number, which must be used as a reference when paying (see payment methods). The order number should also be quoted if you have any queries or amendments related to an order.
If you prefer to transact telephonically simply drop our call centre a line, and one of our friendly customer service staff will help you to place your order.

Account verification

What is account verification?
Verifying your account is a simple process. When you create an account or change your email or mobile number, we will send a verification code to your email address and mobile number. To verify your email address, just click the link in the email. To verify your mobile number, just enter the verification code in your account. It’s that simple.
Why verify my Mukuru.com account?
Mukuru.com uses both email and sms to confirm orders. We want to be sure we have the right email address and mobile number for you. We also want to be sure that our emails to you are not being blocked by spam filters and that you can receive sms from us.
What happens if I don’t get my verification code?
If you do not receive your verification email within 24 hours, please contact our support department and we will assist you.


Money transfer authorisation
Once your accumulated expenditure has reached a certain level, HMRC UK Laws and Regulations obligate Remitix Ltd to obtain a certified copy of your passport (photo page), as well as proof of your address.
Due to UK License restrictions we are obliged to obtain a CERTIFIED copy of our customer's passport photo page or UK driver’s licence as well as proof of address in the form of a utility bill. These documents are only required once, from which point on you will become an authorised customer. Unfortunately faxed copies of such documents are unacceptable by UK law - so please use the following methods to get your account up to date:
Scan your certified proof of ID (photo page of passport or UK driver’s licence) and proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) and email the images to passports@mukuru.com.
Take a digital picture of your certified proof of ID and proof of address and email them to passports@mukuru.com (please note if you are sending the email from a Yahoo! Address, you should email mukurupassport@yahoo.co.uk) .
If you wish to post any hard copies, you can do so to the following address:
Mukuru Compliance
PO Box 85
NR16 2WN
United Kingdom
The proof of ID MUST be CERTIFIED - this can be done by a commissioner of oaths at your local post office, bank, or by a doctor or lawyer. The proof of ID must have a signature AND a stamp to show that it has been certified.
Please quote your full name and your customer ID on your chosen correspondence. Once we have received your documents it will then take no more than 24 hours before you are authorised. Any problems with your documents will result in delays but we will try contact you if there are any issues.

Payment Options

Online or Telephone Banking
Payments can be made to Mukuru.com by transferring money to our bank accounts using the online banking or telephone banking options offered by your bank account. Please remember to quote your order number as the reference so that we can track and match your payment.
Currency Type : GBP
Barclays Bank
Account Name: Mukuru Ltd
Acc No: 63170241
Sort: 20-17-19
IBAN: GB20BARC 201719 63170241
Bank Address: 15 Benet Street | Cambridge |CB2 3PZ |United Kingdom
Payments can be made to Mukuru.com by depositing cash into our bank account at your local Barclays branch. Please remember to quote your order number as the reference so that we can track your payment. We upload bank statements on an hourly basis, so as soon as we can see your deposit we will validate your order.
Debit/Credit Card
Payments can be made to Mukuru.com using your debit/credit card. Rest assured your details will be secure.
Please be aware that you cannot use a debit/credit card that is not in your name on the website. If the name on the card does not match the name on your Mukuru.com account, then you card will automatically be rejected during the order process.


Money Transfer

How long will it take to be able to send money?
You can send money home today! As soon as you have signed up for your Mukuru.com account, either online or over the telephone, you can then immediately start sending money back home.
How much money can I send?
You are cleared as a new customer to send up to a certain level on your account before you need to become an authorised customer. UK laws and regulations require that customers become authorised once their accounts have reached this level. Please see Why do I need to be an authorised customer? for further details.
How do I send money?
Quickly and easily! You can place an order online, or simply contact our call centre and we will help you to place your order. You will need to have your recipient’s details close to hand.

Large Money Transfers

Why do I need to send additional documents for large money transfers?
In order to comply with UK Money Transfer License Requirements it is neccessary that you provide some sort of additional identification so that we can confirm to the authorities the legitimacy of your transaction.
How much is a large money transfer?
Anything from £4000 upwards. There is no upper limit on how much you send as long as you provide the correct documents:
What documents do I need to send in ?
As will be explained once you place an order for a large money transfer, we'll need you to scan the following documents and email them to us at largeorders@mukuru.com.
Proof of Funds
This is where/how you got the funds, for example a copy of your recent bank statement or balance.
Proof of Transaction
An invoice, or request from the receiving person or company for the funds
Please note we cannot accept faxed documents due to quality loss - documents must be SCANNED and emailed in.

Cash Collections (USD)

How are US Dollars to be collected?
Your recipient will be sent a voucher number with collection details. They will need to take this voucher number/ the name of their sender/ the amount they are collecting and their ID, to CBZ or CABS Bank, where they can collect their funds.
CBZ-Mukuru Branches:
Angwa City Mall – Angwa,Kwame Nkruma
Herbert Chitepo – Herbert Chitepo,Sam Nujoma
Westgate – Westgate Shopping Centre,Lomagundi Road
ABC Branch – Shop Number 16 Bulawayo Centre Mall Cnr Main and Ninth Avenue
Stand 252, Freddy Jameson Street, Karoi Township
Stand 6467, Kwekwe
Stand 2575, Mykol Motors Complex
376 Robert Mugabe Way, Masvingo
31 Second Street, Mutare
CABS-Mukuru Branches:
First Street – Corner First Street and George Silundika
Park Street – Corner Park Street and Jason Moyo
Central Avenue – Corner Central Avenue and Fourth Street
Fife Street Gold Branch – Corner Ninth Avenue and Fife Street
Cabs Centre Bulawayo – Corner Jason Moyo and Ninth Avenue
How long before US Dollars are ready for collection?
USD is ready for collection instantly once payment is confirmed. Confirmations can be made the same day if cash deposits are made before one pm in the UK. Card purchases are confirmed by our validation team every hour, telephonic card purchases are instant.

Cash Collections (Rand)

How are RANDS to be collected?
Your recipient will be sent a voucher number with collection details. They will need to take this voucher number/ the name of their sender/ the amount they are collecting and their ID, to CBZ Bank or CABS Bank, where they can collect their funds.
How long before RANDS are ready for collection?
RAND is ready for collection instantly once payment is confirmed.Confirmations can be made the same day if cash deposits are made before one pm in the UK. Card purchases are confirmed by our validation team every hour, telephonic card purchases are instant.

Local account payments (FCA)

What information do you require before I can send money?
When you want to send money to someone’s bank account you will need to give us the first name and surname of the account holder, the name of the bank that they have an account with, plus the account number and the branch code. If you do not have these details then we cannot transfer money for you.
What will happen if I give the wrong bank details?
If you supply us with the incorrect bank details for your recipient, and your order is sent, then we will need to track those funds. Many of the banks will hold onto the funds until we request that they be returned. There is usually a charge for this service — it is not a Mukuru.com charge — before the bank will return the misdirected funds. Sometimes the funds will be rejected immediately, and there may be no charge. This is determined by the bank overseas, a process over which we unfortunately have no control.
How do I pay for money orders?
See Payment Options.
How do my family or friends get their money?
Once your order has been placed, and payment has been received, your money will be transferred into your recipient’s bank account directly.
How long does it take to get their money?
This can take up to 3 or 4 working days in some cases, or if sending money to South Africa, roughly 48 hours.



How is fuel to be collected?
Your recipient will be sent a voucher number with collection details. They will need to take this voucher number, with their ID, to our collection offices, where they will be able to collect their product.
How do I pay for the fuel?
See Payment Options.
How long before fuel is ready for collection?
Fuel can be collected as soon as the transaction is validated.
Where are the fuel coupon collection points?
The collection points are conveniently located in the Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo city centres.
Where can my recipient redeem fuel coupons?
Fuel coupons can be redeemed at the following Redan service stations:
Amby Service Station – Redan 69a Mutare Rd, Msasa
Ardbennie Service Station – Redan 3hh Mitchelle St/Cnr Boshoff Ave
Buduriro Service Station – Redan Stand 9195 Budiriro 5, by the OK shops
Chitugwiza Service Station – Redan 19207 Unit L Chitungwiza
Hatcliffe Service Station – Redan Stand 330, 1st St, Hatcliffe
Lewisam Service Station – Redan 183 Enterprise Rd, Chisipite
Acme Service Station – Redan 1123 Simon Mazorodze, Waterfalls
Meyrick Park Service Station – 1 Sherwood Drive, Meyrick Park
Ruwa Service Station – Redan St 2074, Upfront Rd Chinamhora Crescent,Ruwa
Umwinsidale Service Station – Redan Chishawasha Rd, Umwinsidale
Belgravia Service Station – Shell6 Shefield Terrace,Belgravia
Fourth St Service Station – Bp Fourth St/Samora Machel Ave
Helensvale Service Station – Bp Cnr Borrowdale Rd, & Crowhill Rd B/dale
Lorraine Dr Service Station – Bp742 LorraineDrive, Bluffhill
T & D Motors – Shell Newlands Shopping Centre
Power Service Station – 100 Mutare Road, Msasa
Park Street Service Station – 12 Park Street
Southside Service Station – Redan143A Main St
John Love Motors – Shell132/4 Fort Street
Macs Service Station – Bp75 J Tongogara Avenue
Riverside Service Station – Redan155 Gwanda Road
Hillside Service Station – Bp Stand 127 Matopos Road, Hillside
Lee's Service Station – 66 Old Esigodini Road, Fortunes Gate
Kyle Service Station – Shell 4 J.Tongogara St, Masvingo
Driveway Service Station – 42 km Peg- Mutare/Masvingo Highway
Palmerstone Service Station – Bp 1 J Tongogara St Mutare
Clairemont Service Station – Bp Clairemont Juliasdale
Eastern Gateway Service Station – 17 Park Road Mutare
Charara Camp Site – Redan Charara Camp Site, Kariba
Kariba Service Station – Shell Stand 114, Lake Dr Kariba
Anchorage Marina – Redan Andora Harbour-pumps on land & on the water
Colliery Motors – Redan Hwange Town 1km off main Vic Falls Rd
CMV Motors – Redan Mvuma Road just before the Showgrounds
Good Hope Service Station – 18km Peg Gweru/Kwekwe Highway
Left off main Road between Holiday Inn & BP, IKM up that road- after Noczim yard
Coming Soon:
Vic Falls and Kwekwe
How long are the coupons valid for?
Fuel coupons can be valid for up to 6 months after purchase.


What happens if I don’t know my recipient’s smartcard number?
Unfortunately we will not be able to process an order without your recipients’ smartcard number. This can be found on the smartcard in the decoder box.
What happens if I don’t know my recipient’s account number?
Unfortunately we will not be able to process an order without your recipient’s account number. This can usually be found on your recipient’s statement/bill or paperwork, when they set up their account.
What happens if I don’t know what DStv package my recipient has?
Unfortunately we cannot process your order if you are uncertain which package that your recipient has. DStv will not accept payment for the incorrect package and your recipient may then need to call DStv directly to rectify the matter.
How do I pay for my DStv order?
See Payment Options.
What happens if the account has not been topped up?
Please contact our support department and they will assist you.

Overseas Customers

I am overseas and want to pay for my order, what currency do I work in?
Mukuru.com is a UK-based company, therefore currency will need to be sent into our UK bank account and converted into pounds sterling to pay for orders.

Contact Us


What should I do if I have forgotten my username or password?
Please use our forgotten password tool. You will receive an email with further information on how to reset your password.
If I am worried about an order what should I do?
Please contact our support department if you have any concerns about your order. Please quote your order number when you call so that we can help you quickly.


Where can I post my complaints?
Complaints should be directed to our support department. Please quote your order number when you call so that we can help you quickly.