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We offer a fun, dynamic and challenging work environment for our employees.


What We Do at Mukuru

As a leading Next Generation Financial Services Platform and the largest money transfer provider in Africa, Mukuru offers emerging consumers access to affordable and reliable financial services. 

In addition to international money transfer services, Mukuru has grown its offering to include a wide range of products and services that address the financial needs of its customers. Sending cash for instant collection or topping up a bank account or mobile wallet has never been easier. We use the latest mobile and web-based technologies to give our customers the best experience possible. 

But that’s just half the story. To really understand us, you need to know the “why” behind all we do.

Mukuru is Passionate about Enriching the Lives of Others

It is the opportunity to enrich the lives of Africa’s people by helping family, friends and loved ones stay connected, that motivates us to improve; to do more and to reach further. To us, a remittance is more than money. It represents the love, care and hard work of the sender and can be a lifeline, an opportunity or even a celebration to the recipient.

Our culture at Mukuru is centred on our desire to create a caring environment in which our people are empowered, and a safe and secure workplace for our staff. 

Our commitment to you as a Mukuru employee is that we will recognise and encourage your uniqueness and continuously strive to help you grow through great leadership, with exposure to diverse learning opportunities and the rewards and recognition that you deserve.

At Mukuru, we believe that as each person grows, so does the company.

Mukuru careers

The Mukuru Family

We believe that authentic relationships in which people value, support and care for one another are the cornerstone of a great organisation. We come from different walks of life, but when together, we are a family working in a spirit of unity for the greater good of our communities.

Our Hiring Process

At Mukuru, we emphasise  the importance of the hiring process as we grow our family.

Although the focus on a particular skill set will be different depending on the role you’re applying for, we design the recruitment process to provide us with an understanding of your capabilities, your potential, and your possible fit with the organisation. Our hiring process consists of a first interview and a short technical assignment which gives us, and yourself, the chance to assess whether Mukuru is a good fit.   


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