Meet Mukuru Mover: Yu Huang

Who are Mukuru Movers? These are people dedicated to the Mukuru Mission. Individuals who everyday on the job embody the Mukuru Culture of world class service, sense of family, innovation and creativity, passion in work and play, integrity and growth through learning.

Yu is a Business Development Manager at Mukuru. She is currently focusing on setting up China corridors in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Yu is a great example of Mukuru’s ability to attract the very best talent –  which allows us to continuously find new ways through growth and innovation, to deliver world class service to our customers.

Yu, who speaks Mandarin, English and basic German, has an undergraduate degree in Electronic Information Engineering and a postgraduate Masters in Business Administration. She has worked in research, consulting and project management for most of her 15-year international career. Yu says, “I always seek to add value with my proven business acumen, financial knowledge, data analysis and solid implementation capacity.”

I was born in Shanghai, China. This is where I grew up and completed my first degree in Electronic Information Engineering. Shanghai is the country’s biggest city and home to more than 27 million people. Situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River, the international metropolis has for years been drawing attention from all over the world as the main hub of economic and financial influence and international trade, as well as being the cultural centre of East China.

It is also a popular travel destination for visitors who want to experience the pulsating city and its many attractions, like the 632 metre Shanghai Tower and the vast Yu Garden with its traditional pavilions, towers and ponds.

It was difficult adjusting to life in South Africa at first. I’d worked for two international companies in Shanghai before moving to South Africa at the age of 27. Back to 2009, it was a difficult adjustment because Cape Town and Shanghai are such different worlds. The pace in Cape Town was extremely slow compared to Shanghai, but I quickly learned how to blend into the environment and I appreciate the culture and life philosophy of Cape Town.

I have fitted into Mukuru comfortably and have found that Mukuru accommodates me perfectly. I am equipped with the right talent, resources and persistence, which suits Mukuru’s business goals – while Mukuru provides the right platform, company culture and organisational leadership for me.

I would say the biggest encouragement for me is to grow with Mukuru as quickly as possible being mindful of achieving the best outcomes that fulfil both the organisation’s goals and my personal targets. The way to accomplish this, is through excellent communication, practicing resilience and personal leadership.If you’re an outstanding talent and think you’d fit into our Mukuru Culture – browse the jobs we have going at Mukuru. We offer a fun, dynamic and challenging work environment for our employees and you just might be the person we’re looking for!