Mukuru Money Card

All of our customers in South Africa qualify for a Mukuru Money debit card. If you already have a bank account Mukuru Money can be used as a secondary account to manage your money transfers.

With a Mukuru Money Card you can:

Receive Salary

Send Money Safely

Withdraw at ATMs

Swipe at Retailers


6 + 11 =

The Mukuru Money Card DOES NOT SUPPORT:

  • Direct Debit
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Payments
  • International Bank Transfers
  • Wire transfers to other banks

Transaction Fees

  • Once off activation fee:   R50.00
  • Card Load Fee:   R4.70 per load
  • Cash deposit at bank:   R7 + 1.95%
  • Monthly fee:  R25.00

ATM Transactions

  • Standard Bank ATM Transaction:   R10.09
  • Other Bank’s ATM Transaction:   R17.65
  • Standard Bank ATM balance enquiry:   R3.03
  • Other Bank’s ATM balance enquiry:   R4.49 


  • Pin Reset Fee:   R5.55
  • Point of sale transaction at merchants:   FREE
  • Cashback with withdrawals at retailers
    • per cashback where there is a purchase with the cashback:  R2.62
    • per cashback where no purchase is performed:   R3.38
  • SMS balance enquiry fee: R2.02

Maximum balance per card:  R25 000

  • (Balance on the card should not exceed R25 000 at any given point.)

Maximum monthly load per card:  R25 000

  • (Maximum load per card per month should not exceed R25 000)

Maximum daily ATM withdrawal per card: R4 000

  • POS transactions are unlimited
  • Minimum deposit of R100


  • You must sign the back of the card in ink immediately when you receive it.
  • When using POS devices, always check that the card returned to you is yours.
  • Report lost or stolen cards or those not returned by calling 086 001 8555. Similarly, if your PIN has been compromised, stop your card immediately.
  • Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so by the POS device.
  • Do not disclose your PIN number/s to anyone.
  • To reset your USSD secret PIN, call 086 001 8555 or chat to a consultant on our Mukuru App for assistance.
  • You must memorise your PIN or keep a record of it in a safe place, separate from your card. Do not give your PIN to anyone (even family members).
  • You must keep us updated with your personal information so you can continue to receive product updates.
  • For further information, consult the Mukuru Card Terms and Conditions

Call us on 086 001 8555