Don’t get ripped off by criminals this festive season!

You might be thinking of taking a break these December holidays, but criminals will be on high-alert – waiting for you to slip up so they can steal your money. Here’s how to stop them from ruining your festive season.


Carry cash safely. Never tell anyone that you’re going to withdraw money If alerted, criminals can follow you after you’ve taken money out of the bank, from an ATM, or when you’ve withdrawn at a retail store – and steal it from you.
This can also happen when you travel from your place of work or your residence to deposit money. Give thieves the slip by changing the days and the times that you deposit cash through wicodes or a branch. Keep your money hidden away while standing in a queue to deposit.


SIM swap fraud can allow criminals to get your One Time Pin codes and into your bank account! If you get a call from someone pretending to be your network provider (telling you to press certain buttons on your phone because of network issues) end the call immediately and report this to your mobile service provider and your bank.


Mobile phone snatching fraud is real! If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, call Mukuru immediately and freeze your card profile. Also, contact your mobile service provider to stop your SIM card and handset – this will stop criminals from getting your One Time Pin codes. Remember your phone is as much at risk as your card if you use your mobile device for banking. As an extra precaution, always disable the “auto save” function on your phone.


Never use free or open Wi-Fi networks for banking transactions. Never click on links in an SMS or email, or open email attachments from unknown sources.


Never provide any confidential information. This includes bank account numbers, PINs or passwords – not even if it looks as if “MUKURU STAFF” are calling you. Mukuru will never, under any circumstances, ask you for confidential information like PIN codes or passwords.


ATM and card crime. Keep your card and PIN safe. You can do this by not allowing anyone to stand close to you in a bank or ATM queue. Always cover the hand typing in your PIN with your other hand. You must always do this no matter where you are – at an ATM, garage or retail store.

If your card is “swallowed” at the ATM, immediately block the card before leaving the ATM. You can do this by dialing 130567# free of charge from your registered number, then select option 3 for Mukuru Card, and follow the instructions until you have stopped your card.

Even if it seems rude – don’t accept help from anyone at an ATM. Never force your card into the slot – the slot might have been tampered with by criminals. If you experience difficulty, put your card away safely and let the bank know.

Never let your card out of your sight or hand it to a third party. Criminals can be anywhere at any time, and they’re often smooth-talkers.

If you notice a suspicious transaction on your account, immediately let Mukuru know so they can stop your card, or place a hold on your account.


Identity theft. Stop your ID or passport from being used to commit fraud if it’s lost or stolen. Immediately alert the South African Fraud Prevention Service immediately on 0860 101 248 or

Be cautious and do not trust easily – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be alert, don’t let yourself be distracted, and keep an eye out for criminals who are out to steal your hard-earned cash.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the festive season with peace of mind!

Visit for more tips on how to avoid being a victim of crime, and for more information about the different scams out there.

Always report all fraudulent activities to [email protected] – we’re here to help!