We offer a fun, dynamic, and challenging work environment for our employees

What we do at Mukuru

Mukuru helps you move money around Africa. Whether you are sending cash for instant collection or topping up a bank account or mobile wallet it has never been easier. We use the latest mobile and web-based technologies to give you the best experience possible. But that’s just half the story. To really understand us, you need to know the “why” behind all we do.

We know that every one of our customers has a story. Just like we do. So whether they are sending money for school fees, hospital bills, rent or groceries, we are passionate about making that story end well.

It is this, the opportunity to enrich the lives of Africa’s people by helping family, friends and loved ones stay connected, that motivates us to improve, to do more and to reach further. To us a remittance is more than money. It represents the love, care and hard work of the sender and can be a lifeline, an opportunity or even a celebration to the recipient.

Be a Part of Our Story

Extra nice reasons to join Mukuru

Flexible work hours

Great coffee

Relaxing working environment

Games / chill out room

Choice of Mackbook Pro or Laptop

Competitive with reviews and annual discretionary bonuses

Generous leave allowances

Great team activities

Our Hiring Process

We are a close knit bunch so we place a lot of emphasis in the hiring process as we grow our family.

For example, if you’re looking to join our Software Engineering / Development team you would typically first have an interview with the Team Lead, Development Manager and HR. If afterwards we believe the you are a great fit and you think likewise, we will give a short technical assignment to do in your own time. Once that is received and all is well, an online psychometric test will be given upon which an official offer will be made.

Whilst the emphasis on skill type might be different if you’re applying for a role in another area of the business, we design the recruitment process to provide us with an understanding of your capabilities, your potential, and your potential fit into the organisation, as well as providing you with the platform to assess whether Mukuru is the place for you!


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