How Card Verification Works

The Card Verification Program is an extra level of security for customers whose transactions either don’t pass through the 3DSecure, or which our security software has raised concern over. In line with the Card Verification program, the customer’s card will be automatically billed a small refundable secret amount just over £1 which will appear on the customer’s card statement over the next 24-48hrs.

To prove that you are indeed the rightful owner of the card, the customer can check for this secret amount, then either verify online here or simply send an email to with the most recent one months’ card statement (PDF) and our team will review it right away.

If customers choose to email their card statements and are uncomfortable with sharing transactional information we advise that they blackout their transactions. Customers must ensure that their name, the date, account details, and address are clearly visible.

We understand this step is cumbersome and an irritation, but imagine if your card was stolen, and someone tried to use it on Mukuru, they wouldn’t be able to get past this verification check. These steps are here to protect you the customer.

Many thanks – Mukuru Support

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