Send Cash Home with Mukuru

Who We Are and Why Choose Us to Send Cash Home

Here at Mukuru, we know that the best way to show loved ones that you care is through practical help – being there for them, even while far away. It can be a challenge for many African expatriates living in the UK to send cash home, especially when friends and family in their home country do not have easy access to banking and financial institutions. Our money remittance company overcomes such obstacles by making cash collection points widely available throughout various countries and ensuring that the transfer process is hassle-free.

What to Know About Mukuru

At Mukuru, we go to great lengths to understand the valued customers making use of our services. Many are migrants living abroad are adjusting to a different lifestyle while enjoying great education and career opportunities. For such individuals, sending money home and supporting those about whom they care is still important, and our company makes it possible. Keeping people closely connected drives us to improve each day, and our unfaltering commitment to our customers and their cherished ones means you can trust us to deliver a set of unparalleled services.

The Benefits of Money Transfers Through Mukuru

When you send cash home through us, you might not realise the advantages to which you are privy. Our cutting-edge services were developed with you and your loved ones’ convenience being top of mind. As such, you can expect a few key benefits from our services, including the following:

  • Stress-free money transfers: Signing up your account with Mukuru takes no time at all, and you can start sending money the same day as registration.
  • Safe and secure transactions: We keep your information safe with 3D secure authentication, so you do not need to worry about third parties obtaining and using your details illegally.
  • Affordable money transfers: Transfer fees vary according to country, but our services are exceptionally affordable. We also ensure that first transfers are free (exchange rates are still incurred).
  • Send cash home instantly: Nothing is worse than waiting ages for money to make its way across the globe, especially if the recipient is in urgent need. Our money transfers are instant, and recipients can expect their transfer soon after the order is placed.
  • Improve your home country’s economy: No matter where you are in the world, you still keep home in your heart. Making use of a money remittance company such as Mukuru means you can send cash home and stimulate your home country’s economy. Foreign money streaming in not only alleviates poverty but accelerates economic growth in the land.
  • We speak your language: Further making our services more accessible and easier to use is the fact that we currently operate in six languages, including English, Shona, Chewa, Sotho, French, and Portuguese.

We also have a vast network of thousands of cash collection points across various countries – even in rural areas – so your recipient need not travel far to collect the money you send. We value fast, reliable convenience, and you will too once you sign up with us.

If you are seeking a range of world-class money remittance services that allow you to send cash home with no fuss, all you have to do is sign up with us at Mukuru today.