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Want to Send Cash to Someone Instantly? Sign Up with Mukuru Today

If you are an expatriate living and working in the UK, then you may be looking for ways to send money home both affordably and reliably. Here at Mukuru, our cash remittance company offers money-sending services to various countries in Africa and Asia and makes receiving cash instantly an effortless exercise. If you are seeking to transfer money pronto – then all you need to do is sign up with us and send cash home the same day. Transferring funds instantly means there is no delay when it comes to supporting your family and friends back home – and showing you care can be done without any hassle.

Why send cash with Mukuru?

We at Mukuru are currently seen as global leaders when it comes to safe and easy money transfers to various corridors in Africa and Asia. Not only are our transfer fees ultra-affordable, but we make use of 3D secure authentication protocols to make sure your information stays safe throughout the process. With us, you have peace of mind that your money transfer is inexpensive, secure, and easy too. Your first transfer is also free (foreign exchange rates do still apply, however).

How to Send Cash Instantly

Signing up with us is as easy as a few, simple steps. Firstly, you can sign up online or speak with a Mukuru agent who will help you get started. Then, you can choose between Light Registration (send up to £600 per month) or Full Registration (send between £600 and £4000 monthly). Lastly, you can place your money order by telling us where and to whom your money should go, and then send your cash instantly.

Transfer from Anywhere in the UK

If you currently reside within the United Kingdom, you can send money to any of our corridors with ease. Not only are our services available 24/7, but we remove the middleman, which makes signing up and transferring cash instantly a breeze.

Send Cash to More than 10 Countries

Our far-extending reach across Africa, in particular, means that expatriates living abroad need not worry about how they will send money to loved ones back home. Our service network is currently available in the following countries:

Receiving Money is Just as Easy as Sending it

Across these open corridors, Mukuru has thousands of payout partners (some even located in more rural areas, such as our Mukuru Orange Booths in Zimbabwe). These cash collection points mean that your family and friends back home need not travel far to receive their money. They do not even require a bank account or access to a financial institution to collect their money – only proof of a received reference number (via SMS) and an identity document that matches the details provided by the money sender.

At Mukuru, we don’t just allow you to send cash instantly, but safely and affordably too. To sign up with us right now, simply click here or contact a Mukuru consultant on +44 (0) 20 7183 0052.