The Vital Ways in Which Mukuru’s Instant Money Transfers Assist Our Customers

Being a migrant and living away from home is a challenge for many. It’s a massive life change that isn’t without its struggles. From adapting to a new language and culture, to being away from family and friends, we at Mukuru know that relocating to a new country is no easy feat. Our aim as a cash remittance company is to make it easier for our customers to send money home and show their loved ones that they still care. Our instant money transfers create opportunities for financial support, no matter the reason it is needed.

Buying Daily and Monthly Groceries

Unfortunately, no matter how far our modern society evolves in terms of technological advancements and global connectivity, there are still countless families across the globe today suffering from starvation. In many parts of the world, access to healthy food and clean water is scarce, and people survive on the bare minimum afforded to them. Our instant money transfers mean that you can send cash to loved ones in need of support when it comes to essential groceries such as food, toiletries, and even mobile airtime and data.

Covering Schooling and Tuition Fees

Though education should be a right for every child, many struggle to keep up with schooling fees. Our Mukuru instant cash transfers allow expatriates currently living in the United Kingdom to send money home to Africa to assist with these expenses.

Monthly Transport Costs

Not every family has their own transport, and even then, the high cost of fuel is not always easily afforded. Many people living in Africa rely on public transport such as buses and taxis to get around, and these costs can add up each month. Our instant money transfers are often used to cover small expenses like these.

Housing and Municipal Service Fees

While it is not uncommon for many of our customers’ recipients to live in informal settlements, there are plenty that also must pay for monthly accommodation and cover bills such as water and electricity. Transferring money through Mukuru to a loved one makes paying these bills each month possible.

Medical Bills and Medication

Professional healthcare is a necessity for all human beings, and yet so many today currently are forced to go without it. We understand that when a loved one falls unexpectedly ill or requires immediate medical attention or medication, the only practical way to help is through financial support. Our instant money transfers mean that your recipient won’t need to wait long for financial assistance.

Emergency Expenses

Unforeseen events that result in emergency expenses – whether a vehicle breaks down or when plumbing needs repairs – can set families back a lot financially. Transferring cash to loved ones in need of urgent help through Mukuru is an easy and secure way to support them when they need it most.

Birthdays and Special Occasions

When living far from a loved one, there are only so many ways to show you care. Phone and video calls, for example, are a great way to stay connected. It is also a special reminder that you still care about someone when sending over a monetary gift that they can use to spoil themselves.

Saving Up Towards a Dream

Whether your loved ones wish to buy new seeds for planting season, or if they are saving up for a home or university education, every bit of financial assistance helps. Our instant money transfers mean that the minute you have extra cash to spare, you can send it on to your family member or friend who is saving up for something special.

To get started with us, all you need to do is create an account with us today. Signing up is quick and effortless and ensures you can start sending cash to Africa affordably and without any fuss.