Transfer Money for Collection

How to Safely Transfer Money for Collection from the UK to Remote Rural Areas of African Countries

Are you frustrated with the long queues at worldremit points? Want an instantmoney-gram solution? Transfer wisely with our convenient way of getting money from the UK for collection in remote rural areas of African countries such as Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Unlike many of the worldremittance companies that offer limited means to transfer money for collection to African countries, we offer the convenience of an online registration and transfer system. With the 24/7 convenience, you no longer have to stand in long lines to transfer money. What also sets our solution apart from other remittance providers is the fact that we have a huge network of collection points across as many as 15 African countries.

Of course, the low transaction fees should also be a priority, in addition to the opportunity to choose thesending date. The latter makes it possible to transfer money for collection when the foreign exchange rate is the most favourable for the particular African country you wish to send money to.

Extensive Payout Network to Service Remote Rural Areas

Travelling from the remote rural areas to the cities in countries such as Zimbabwe and Malawi is difficult, tedious, and dangerous. Many of the villages are exceptionally remote and not serviced by remitcompanies. Fortunately, we offer thousands of collection points in these areas because we understand the difficulties surrounding travel in the remote parts of the country.

Malawi’s Huge Network of Collection Points

With 8 000+ collection points that include service points in rural areas, your loved ones can get their money instantly. Our transfer fees have been cut by 50% for transfers to Malawi. This makes the sending of cash for collection even more affordable than in the past.

We have recently acquired the technology and systems of our business partner in Malawi, Zoona, thereby adding to the already extensive network of payout points. The acquisition has made it possible to offer more products and services to the remote areas of Malawi. No longer do the people in the rural areas have to deal with risky and expensive means to collect money sent from the UK and other European Union countries.

Zimbabwe’s Rural Areas Are Well-Serviced

We have more than 120 payout points throughout Zimbabwe to service from the cities to small villages and extremely remote areas. The network includes 120+ Mukuru booths and branches for maximum collection convenience. We guarantee US dollar payouts at the Mukuru booths and branches. Transfer fees start at only £1.99.

Payout Points Across Many Countries in Africa

We also have 1800 collection points in Zambia, as many as 1 100 points in the DRC, over 50 in Mozambique, and 50+ in Kenya. For transfers to Nigeria, you have the convenience of being able to transfer directly to the Paga Wallet of the recipient.

How Easy and Safe is the Process?

We offer a convenient calculator from where you can select the country to which you want to send money to determine the cost of the transaction. Once you have registered, you are ready to send the cash. Your recipient only needs their reference number and identity proof. The reference number is sent to their mobile phone. In addition, we keep both sender and receiver up to date on the progress of the transaction. You will thus be notified when the money is collected, and the recipient will know when the cash is available for collection.

Mukuru’s Way of Making It Easier for You

Here is how we make it easier for you to transfer money for collection from the UK to African countries:

  • Easy registration at our website.
  • Verification of the sender’s information for security.
  • Chat help available online, on Whatsapp, and on Facebook.
  • Calculator to determine the foreign exchange rate and the transfer fee.
  • First transfer is automatically free (you just pay the foreign exchange rate cost).
  • Thousands of collection points throughout 15 countries.
  • Send from the convenience of your home without having to stand in line.
  • The recipient doesn’t need a bank account.
  • We send the reference number to the recipient’s mobile phone.
  • The recipient only needs their identity document and reference number.
  • Several booths in Zimbabwe where US dollar payouts are guaranteed.
  • Ever-expanding network of payout points.
  • Safe and affordable transactions.

Eliminate the risks of travelling far and avoid having to deal with hefty transaction fees. Make use of Mukuru to transfer money for collection to your loved ones in Africa. Register today for instant access and get funds to them when they need it.