Transfer Money Home from the UK

Transfer Money Home from the UK to Family in Africa: Quick and Safe

Transferring money back home from the UK to Africa through the conventional bank system can be a costly and tedious endeavour. If your family members wait for much-needed cash to buy groceries and pay for living expenses such as fuel and rent, then time is of the essence. Instead of having to complete lengthy forms and waiting for days before the cash transfer is cleared, your family members can have the cash in their hands almost instantly.

How to transfer money home in the quickest way possible

We make it easy to transfer money home from the UK to one of the supported countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, and Zambia, to name only a few. Indeed, we make it possible to send money to up to 15 countries in Africa. This can be done safely and securely.

Benefits of using Mukuru to send money from from the UK:

  • Affordable rates that make it possible for your family members to receive the amount you intend to send.
  • Collection points in selected countries where recipients can collect the cash.
  • Almost instant transfers and availability once the registration process has been completed and the payment for the service is made.
  • The sender can arrange for the transfer of money home when the exchange rate is the most favourable.
  • Safe and secure means to get money back home if you work in another country.
  • Dollar payouts guaranteed at our 100 plus Orange Booths in Zimbabwe.
  • Low transfer fee – starting at £1.55 for Zimbabwe.
  • The first send is free to Malawi and Zimbabwe.

With the limited infrastructure in many African countries, the cost of remittances is often high. However, as a forward-thinking remittance company, we have installed cash collection booths in countries such as Zimbabwe. We have also developed 9000 collection points in Malawi. Our firm has 100 plus Orange Booths across Zimbabwe, making it possible for your family members to collect the money even if they live far from the main centres. With conventional bank transfer systems, recipients often have to visit banks in the main centres to receive their money.

Collection is hassle-free. The receiver only needs their photo ID and the relevant reference number for verification at the collection point. The convenience extends from Zimbabwe and Malawi to South Africa. Indeed, if you need to transfer money home to a relative in South Africa, for instance, you can do so through cash or bank top-ups, or you can send the money to the recipients’ Mukuru Money Card. The transfer fee starts at only £1.99.

If you thus want to transfer money safely to one of the supported African countries, you can do so through the Mukuru service options. Register online to start the process and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the money will be transferred home almost instantly. Alternatively, contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or phoning us at +44 (0) 20 7183 0052.