Transfer Money Home to Zimbabwe

Transfer Money Home to Zimbabwe for Collection at Our Mukuru Orange Booths

How many times have you tried to transfer money home toZimbabwe and ended up waiting for days before your loved ones could collect their cash? Are you concerned about the safety of your funds? Are you worried that your family members may fall victim to scam artists when they attempt to collect their cash? If so, read on, as a safe and easy solution is available.

Money Collection at Mukuru Orange Booths in Zimbabwe

Now you can get rid of the long wait, the security problems, and the hefty middleman fees when you transfer money home from the UK to Zimbabwe. Our bright Mukuru Orange Booths, spread throughout Zimbabwe, are safe collection points. Your loved ones have the assurance of secure, but straightforward, payouts in cash when they collect their money from these booths. Do not be mistaken by the thin walls of these booths. They are designed to last up to a decade outdoors, come rain or hail. These booths also boast small footprints, making it possible for us to have them placed in areas where space may be limited. They are brightly coloured, so your family members will easily spot them. Not thousands, and not tens of thousands, but millions of recipients have already used our mighty Mukuru Orange Booths to collect their cash, sent home from the UK and EU.

US Dollar Payouts Guaranteed at 150+ Mukuru Orange Booths in Zimbabwe

With US dollars accepted throughout Zimbabwe and being the preferred currency, you will want to send money home for collection in US dollars. We make it happen and guarantee the payouts in US dollars at all Mukuru Orange Booths. In addition, we have 150+ payout points in Zimbabwe.

Extensive Network of Collection Points

Zimbabwe is a sizeable country and getting from one side to the other is not always easy. It can be dangerous to travel far, especially with cash in hand. Fortunately, our extensive network of payout points means your loved ones will not have to travel far. They can collect the cash you transfer home at a payout point near them. This also saves them travel time and money.

No Need for a Bank Account

Once you have transferred funds home, the cash is instantly available for collection. Your recipient receives a mobile message with a reference number. They take their identity document and the reference number to the nearest collection point and get their cash. You are updated on the progress of the transaction and thus have an audit trail of when the funds reach them.

How Affordable is the Mukuru’s Money Transfer Service?

For starters, you only pay the foreign exchange cost with your first transaction. We carry the first transfer fee. As such, you save money from the outset. Our transfer fees start at only £1.55. Send the cash back home when the exchange rate is the most favourable.

How Do I Send Money home to Zimbabwe from the UK?

We have turned 16 this year, testimony to our trustworthiness and support as a leading world remittance company. Our already vast network of payout points across Africa grows by the day. And we make it as easy as it gets to transfer money home in a secure, quick, convenient, and safe way. Get cash to your family in Zimbabwe from the comfort of your home. Register for free and get started.