Transfer Money Home Today Through a Company that Cares

Transfer Money Home

Here at Mukuru, we offer a simple and streamlined way to transfer money around Africa and Asia – and we do it all with our valued customers in mind. With us, you have access to safe, affordable, and convenient cash transfers to your family and friends back home. Signing up with us takes no time at all. What sets us at Mukuru apart from other global money remittance services are the strong values to which we adhere. We explore just a few of these core driving principles below.

A Firm Commitment to Unparalleled Services

Our company strives to provide customers with a range of world-class services. Whether topping up a mobile wallet for groceries or sending cash to a bank account for school fees, we make it happen. Through leading mobile and web-based technology, our customers can transfer money home from the UK to various corridors in Africa and Asia. Not only do we commit to secure money remittances, but ensure our services are affordable and accessible, too.

The Mukuru Family

What could be more important than our loved ones? At Mukuru, the concept of family is a driving force in all that we do. Not only do our services connect and support families from across the globe, but we see our company through the lens of family, too. By providing a foundation for support and authentic connection, and through fostering a spirit of unity, our immense growth as a company owes to our belief in putting people first.

Integrity and Transparency

It is essential to us that our clients feel as though they can trust us. This trust can only be achieved through integrity and transparency. For this reason, we ensure that we remain open and honest at all times and provide a set of safe and secure services upon which customers can rely without fail. Individually and collectively, we hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards and take responsibility for ourselves, each other, and the direction of our company.

Growth and Personal Development

Here at Mukuru, we know that the only way we can grow as a company is if every member of our family grows as an individual. We, therefore, encourage opportunities for learning and growth, wherein every link in our chain is strengthened. This commitment to improvement from all involved in our company means that we can bring you, our valued customer, a range of money transfer services that exceed your expectations.

Passion in All We Do

Our passion for seeing communities grow, families supported, and clients achieving their goals is what energises us. This passion means that to us, building and growing our company is not just a job – it is something we actively enjoy doing, and going the extra mile for customers who wish to transfer money home is what we love to do.

Innovative Creativity

Our state-of-the-art financial transfer services are entirely technology-driven, and it is through creativity and innovation that we can provide customers with solutions such as our Mukuru Orange Booths and Mukuru Money Cards. This out-of-the-box thinking means that we are accessible to families and loved ones that may have no other way of receiving a secure money transfer.

If you are seeking a safe and reliable way to transfer money home, why not sign up with us today?