Transfer Money to Africa

Now is the Perfect Time to Transfer Money to African Countries

The current foreign exchange rate makes it the perfect time to transfer money from the UK to African countries such as Nigeria. Grabbing hold of the opportunity now enables you to stretch your money further. Considering the fact that the worldwide health and economic crisis still seems far from being over, every penny saved can make a difference in your family’s life.

Send Money to SA, Zim, Malawi and Other African Countries

Our low fees for Nigeria are equally impressive. Compare the low transfer fees for countries such as Nigeria, Malawi, and Zimbabwe with that offered by other world remittance providers, and you have to agree that we know how to help you save money.

Use the calculator on our website to find the current foreign exchange rate for Nigeria, for instance, and delight in the low fee. You can also use the calculator to get the cost for transfer to any of the other countries in Africa that fall within the UK to Africa remittance corridor.

How We Make It Exceptionally Easy to Send Cash to Africa at the Lowest Possible Rates

Instead of having to wait in line at aworld remittance counter somewhere in the European Union or having to work through a middleman that asks a hefty fee to get cash to your loved ones in Africa, use our 24/7 system with no middlemen. Your first transfer is even free. All you have to pay is the foreign exchange cost and that is certainly excellent at this stage. Your loved ones will get more money for their spend because of the favourable exchange rate when they need it most.

Indeed, it is just about the easiest way to get money to African countries:

  • Register and complete the verification process.
  • Choose the amount.
  • Choose the country.
  • See the exchange rate and fee.
  • Choose the recipient.
  • Make the payment.

The money is transferred instantly. With a country such as Nigeria, the money can be transferred to the recipient’s bank account or Paga Wallet. We offer you maximum convenience, fast service, and low transaction fees. Both you and the recipient are kept up to date on the progress of the transaction. There is thus no guesswork.

If your loved ones are in one of the other African countries in our corridor, they can still receive cash. Indeed, they don’t even need a bank account. It is about the same as a money-gram, where they can collect the money at any of our collection points.

We have an extensive network of payout points such as 8 000+ in Malawi, more than 120 in Zimbabwe with guaranteed US dollar payouts at the 120+ Orange Booths and Mukuru branches, direct payments to the recipient’s Mukuru money card if they are in South Africa,or convenient collection at any of the 1 800 payout points if they are in Zambia.

In Conclusion

With 15 countries in Africa to which you can transfer money at exceptionally low transfer fees, you have every reason to make the most of the favourable exchange rates at present. Register online and send money to Africa in a safe, affordable, and secure way.