Transfer Money to Africa

How to Safely Get Money to Your Family in Africa During Covid-19

UK citizens have the convenience of a quick, secure, and straightforward method to transfer money from the UK to countries in Africa through a trusted online remittance company.

Customers can send money to their friends and family members in countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho, Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, and Botswana. With money transfers possible, even during the Covid-19 crisis, customers are able to financially help family members and friends in these African countries.

Transfer money to Africa during Covid-19 lockdown:

  • Easy and convenient to transfer money to as many as 15 countries and thousands of collection points.
  • Cash collection can be done within minutes at any of the collection points.
  • Affordable money transfer with no charge on the first sending.
  • Mukuru is open during the lockdown.

Collection at pick-up points

Send money for collection at the pick-up location selected. The receiver must present a photo ID and the relevant reference number upon collection of the cash at a pick-up point in, for instance, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, or Zimbabwe. Receivers will be glad to know that Mukuru has 200 collection points in Zimbabwe and over 9000 collection points in Malawi.

Dollar payouts can be done for cash collections (with applicable cash limits) at the Orange Booths in Zimbabwe. Indeed, the Orange Booths are available in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, making it possible for recipients to collect money even if they are not near the main centres in the country.

Quick transfer of money to Africa

The transfer of money is instant once the information like the identity, address, and income from the customer has been verified and the payment for the service made.

Why Mukuru to transfer money to Africa?

We have a huge payout network that includes the 9 000 collection points in Malawi and over 200 collection points in Zimbabwe. We can guarantee US dollar payouts at 100+ Mukuru Orange Booths in Zimbabwe. Our transfer fees are low, starting at only £1.55 for Zimbabwe and £1.99 for South Africa. We have slashed our transfer fees in Malawi with 50%. When it thus comes to an affordable transfer service you cannot ask for better than Mukuru.

If you need to send money to South Africa, you can do it by means of cash or bank top-ups. You also have the options of sending to the Mukuru Money Card of the recipient in South Africa.

How to get started

Customers register at the Mukuru website by entering the required information. The next step is to choose the country from where to send and the country of the receiver. The amount and delivery option are selected. Delivery details are given according to the selected method for delivery.

How does it help you?

View the explainer video or visit the frequently asked questions page for more information. With affordable rates and fast transfers, you can get money to your family members in Africa to help them through the crisis period.

Register online today if you want to transfer money to a friend or family member in one of the supported countries in Africa. An easier more reliable and more affordable way is hardly possible.