How Card Verification Works

At Mukuru we have added a security measure that requires all users who pay with their Debit or Credit card on our website to be verified. This is a safeguard to ensure that it is indeed the owner of the card who is transacting on our site or saved their respective cards on our website.

After you have placed your first money transfer order on our website, using your card, we have two ways to verify the card, as follows:

1. We will bill your card with a small secret amount separate from what you paid for the money transfer order. The charge is usually under £2 and it will appear on your bank or card statement within 48 hours.

It is this small amount that you will use to verify online or you can call us on +44 (0) 20 7183 0052 to verify. Once the card is verified we will REFUND that amount back to you.

NOTE: If you have telephone banking, you can ring the Bank and ask them to confirm and they will give you the small amount should you not see the amount right away on your statement.

2. If we fail to bill you the secret amount for verification, we will ask you to prove that you own the physical card by emailing in a COPY OF CARD to

For security reasons, we ask that you cover the first twelve digits on the long card number as well as the account number should your card have such. Everything else (name, expiry date and last four digits) can be left visible as shown below:

Card Safety is our priority.

We understand this step is cumbersome and can be an irritation, but imagine if your card was stolen and someone tried to use it on our website without your knowledge. If this security step was not in place they would succeed and you would be robbed / scammed but because of this security step they wouldn’t be able to use your card. These steps are here to protect you the customer and we hope that you will help make it a smooth process.

Many thanks – Mukuru Support

United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 7183 0052