Which KYC levels do I qualify for and what are my limits?


  • ID, address & Indemnity
  • R5 000 daily & R25 000 monthly
  • No Mukuru Card
  • Yes Mukuru Cover


  • ID, proof of address, proof of income & Indemnity
  • Annual limit = monthly income x 12
  • No Mukuru Card
  • Yes Mukuru Cover

Can I increase my limit in future?

Yes if you are on KYC 3, you would need to provide proof of income and if you are on KYC 4, you would need to provide proof that your monthly income has increased to a Mukuru Agent or Mukuru Branch

Can I get a Mukuru Card if I register with my national ID?

No you cannot register with a National ID. Only SA IDs or foreign national passports are accepted to register  for a Mukuru Card.

What is acceptable/ qualifies as a national ID?

Just your government issued national identity document is acceptable as a national ID that you can use to register.

Which countries can register with their National IDs.

Only Lesotho, Mozambique and DRC for now.

Can I change my ID document in future and how

Yes you can by visiting a Mukuru Agent or branch with your new ID document. Alternatively, you can email the document to [email protected]

What qualifies as a proof of address

Bank statement, lease agreement, utility bill,TV license and SARS document.

What qualifies as a proof of income

Payslip, bank statement clearly reflecting salary deposits and not older than 3 months, employment contract, letter from employer, letter from an auditor and Mukuru declaration form if income is less than R24,999 per month.