Not sure how we handle money transfers? Watch our video or read this quick and easy guide providing the process and tips on how to make your money transfer happen easily. Sign up, send it, sorted! Moo!

Five Easy Steps to Send Money Abroad

1.   Login / Register

You will be asked to login if you already registered or to register if you are a new customer. Mukuru and business partners are very focused on your safety and security. We will ask you to verify your email and phone number to make sure that the correct person is receiving the communication about the money transfers.

Mukuru and business partners are strictly complying with anti-money laundering laws and therefore will ask you more personal details in case you exceed a limit of money that is specific to country regulation. In the case of transfers from the UK, you will be asked to provide more personal details if you are sending more than £600.

2.   Select Amount, Origin & Destination

Select Country from and where to send to and the amount that you want to send or receive. By pressing the calculate button, the fee and exchange rate of the money transfer will be displayed transparently. 

3.   Select a Recipient

Select an existing recipient that you have sent money to with Mukuru before or add a new recipient by completing their name, address, phone number and potentially bank account information. Both sender and receiver will get information about the status of the money transfer via email and SMS.

4.   Place an Order and Make Payment

You can pay with your debit card or your MasterCard / Visa credit card for the money transfer. Once the payment method is selected, press enter to complete the money transfer.

In the UK you can also pay cash for your transaction at over 20,000 locations in the country. Mukuru will show you the closest branch where you can pay in cash.

5.   Recipient Receives or Collects Funds

Ongoing communication will keep you and the receiver appraised on the status of your transaction.

Watch How Easy it is to Send Money from the UK

Payout Options

Cash Collection

Send cash for collection at various locations countrywide

Bank Top-up

Send money to a recipient’s bank account

Mobile Wallet Top-up

Send money instantly to a mobile wallet

Cash Card Top-up

Instant top-up of recipient’s card