How it Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up is quick and easy. Follow any of these options:


Sign Up Online

Sign up online by using our Sign Up Form


Contact a Mukuru Agent

If you’re not sure which documents to bring or would like to get a Mukuru Money Card or Funeral Cover then this is the best option for you. Our agents an help you gather the right documents and answer your questions. They are really friendly and spread throughout the country. To find your nearest agent:

  • contact our call centre at 0860018555
  • Dial *130*567# for free and we will call you
  • Contact us on Facebook Messenger and we will provide your nearest agent’s details

Find a Branch

Pop into one of our branches and one of our friendly consultants will help you with the sign up process. Make sure you bring the documentation listed at Step 2.


Visit a PEP Store

Go to any PEP Store to do a light registration and send money. Remember to take your Identity Document along!


Contact a Mukuru Consultant

If you need guidance in signing up, our friendly consultants can help you gather the right documents and answer your questions.

Step 2: Get Documents Ready

Light Registration

Proof of Identity

Bring one of the following:

– South African ID – if you are a South African OR
– Foreign Passport – you are NOT A South African OR
– Asylum papers – you have been granted asylum in South Africa OR
– ETD – Emergency Travel Document
– BI-1155 – If you have applied for regularisation, you can bring your stamped BI-1155 form, plus any photo ID.

Full Registration

Proof of Income

Bring one of the following:

– Payslip – from your employer OR Letter of Employment plus Form (1).
– Download Form (1) here OR
– Self Employed Form, stamped by local police station, Download this form here.

Proof of Residency

Bring one of the following:

– Utility Bill – you have an account with electricity, telephone, television OR
– Bank Statement – you have a bank account in South Africa OR
– Landlord’s letter confirming you are staying at his/her address PLUS a utility bill in the landlord’s name

Step 3: Place Order

Step 4: Pay

This is where you pay your money in South Africa:

Step 5: Collect

Find a list of our Payout Partners across Africa or visit our WAP site for the closest collection point. For Zimbabwe cash collections, visit our handy list of Mukuru Cash Stops.

Watch How Easy it is to Send Money From South Africa

Important Information

Verify your Identity

To sign up, you need Proof of Identity

Send a photo of yourself with one of the following:

  • Identity Document
  • Passport
  • Emergency Travel Document
  • BI-1155 form