Are you still paying employees in cash, or do you turn away potentially good employees because they do not have a bank account? 

Mukuru’s financial services for low-income individuals is the solution to help you and your employees.

The problem with cash payments

Paying and receiving salaries in cash entails a number of risks and inconveniences for both you and your employees.

As an employer, cash payments hinder you in the following ways:

  • Your workforce is limited to those who have a South African bank accounts.
  • You and your staff automatically become targets for criminals every time you handle large amounts of cash.
  • Bookkeeping becomes that much more difficult when salaries need to be counted and paid manually.
  • The manual nature of the salary payment process eats into productivity time.
  • Employee productivity is further diminished due to anxiety over carrying large amounts of cash home.

Employees face similar risks, which in turn, affect you as the employer:

  • Employees become targets when carrying cash or storing it at home.
  • If an employee is robbed, they take on extra costs such as loans or medical bills. You may provide these loans, cover their medical bills, or have to make additional salary payments when your employees are robbed. 
  • Employees are anxious around payday. As a result, high stress levels can adversely affect their productivity at work

A Mukuru Money Card enables you to pay your workers instantly and safely.

When your employees have a Mukuru Card, making payments to them is as simple as doing an EFT. Each Mukuru Card comes with its own unique money number provided by Grobank ( This means you can use your online banking portal or any payroll system to make payments directly to your employees. 

A Mukuru Money Card enables
Employers to: Employees to: 
Safely and easily pay wages and salaries Add foreign nationals or “unbanked” workers to your formal payrollSet up automatic salary paymentsReceive their wages or salary directly onto their cardSave their money safelySend money locally and internationally Swipe at retailers at no additional costBuy airtime from their mobile phoneWithdraw cash at ATMsWithdraw and deposit cash at any Shoprite / Checkers outlet

How can I get my employees a Mukuru Money Card? 

To start paying your employees easily and safely, call us on 067 019 0438

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