How to Receive Money

Mukuru has made it easy for your friends and family to receive money. We have partnered with multiple stores and banks to make the process easy and convenient. Your recipient can collect funds in any of the following ways:

Payout Options


Bank Top-ups

Send money to a recipient’s bank account


Cash Collections

Send cash for collection


Mobile Wallet Top-up

Send money to a recipient’s bank account


Cash Card Top-up

Instant top-up of your recipient’s card

How to collect your Money



Money sent to a bank account

There will be no need to do anything as the money will automatically appear in your account.


Money sent to a mobile wallet

Once the money appears in your mobile wallet you may withdraw the cash in the normal manner.


Receive funds at a Mukuru agent location or branch

1. Find a location

2. Remember your documents. Please bring along:

  • Your Order number
  • Valid Identity Document (e.g. passport)
  • You may be asked to provide proof of address

3. Complete a receipt form

We will sms the recipient collection details as soon as we receive your payment. Recipients will be able to collect from any of our payout partners.


How long do I have to wait?

Money transferred to you from the UK or Europe can take up to 72 hours to clear (when paid on a Friday, as the banks don’t operate on weekends). When a transfer is made to you on a normal week day, the money should typically be in your account by the next day. We will send a sms notification and email to both the sender and recipient informing you of the status of the transaction.

Where can I collect my Money?

You can collect money at any of our payout partners. The relevant payout partner for the country that you’re in can be found on our collections page.