Mukuru Feed

Happening Now - Yip - Right Now!

What is it?

The Mukuru Happening Now Feed is a realtime broadcast of actions and changes happening around the world linked to Mukuru

We are passionate about the global gift of the internet, and how that brings together people from around the world. Someone logs in from Australia, a person calls up from New York, someone collects cash from a small village in Kenya - it's all an organic story of characters touching Mukuru, and Mukuru touching them.


Well, not only can you see you're part of a wide community of people that benenfit from Mukuru's services, it also goes a long way to increasing the confidence for new customers. They can see that the site is alive with commerce, trade and support - which can help them make that first step in giving us a go.

Is it safe?

Competely! We will only ever use your first name in the feed nothing more