Mukuru Acquires Zoona Malawi

Some Great News! We are happy to announce the acquisition of Zoona Malawi’s operational assets along with the technology systems that support its operations in Malawi.

This acquisition allows us to further deepen our African footprint while expanding our reach into urban centres and rural areas in Malawi. This will also assist migrant workers, who are susceptible to falling prey to loan sharks and fraudsters, against losing many months of income because of a lack of services in their area.

What does this mean for current Zoona customers and employees? All Zoona booths and agents across Malawi will now operate under Mukuru. Don’t worry, all existing Zoona customers don’t have to change a thing, you can still access all of the same services at the more than 600 Zoona booths that will eventually be re-branded to Mukuru.

Sending money from Malawi and Sending money to Malawi, has never been easier!

Our CEO, Andy Jury further explains: “Mukuru is a strong and stabilising presence in the markets and regions in which we operate, providing inflows vital to immigrants and central banks alike. We work closely with regulators and central banks in this highly regulated industry to lead in compliance and provide innovative products that are affordable and accessible to our customers and disempowered migrant workers,” adds Jury.

“Looking ahead, we plan to build up the agent network and provide new and exciting accessible financial products in Malawi. By becoming an integral part of one of the largest fastest growing Fintechs in the region, former Zoona agents will have access to money movements in the broader region with the backing of world-class technology and infrastructure.”

For our customers, this deal helps their loved ones eliminate the time and money that they have to spend travelling long distances to local towns to claim.