Mukuru Funeral Cover Terms and Conditions

• All premiums are payable monthly as agreed upon.
• If premiums, in whole or in part, are in arrears, and a Claim Event occurs during the Grace Period of 15 days from the premium due date the arrear amount will be deducted from any benefit payable. No claim will be valid if a claim event occurs after the expiry of the Grace Period.
• Premiums guaranteed for the first 12 months.
• Annual increase in premiums will be notified to the main member 31 days before the increase takes effect.
• You have a 31-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel the policy for any reason.
• A Six (6) month waiting period for natural causes is applicable on the single, family and additional children options as per the Mukuru Funeral Plan.
• A Six (6) month waiting period for natural death is applicable on the extended family option.
• Only one policy is allowed per main insured.
• Maximum entry age of main member is 65 years.
• Maximum entry age of extended family member is 85 years.
• Spouse (max 1) – The legal or common-law partner.
• Child (max 4) – Natural, adopted, stepchild or dependent child under the age of 21 and is under the care of the main member.
• The age of the child may be extended to 25 in respect of an unmarried child who is a full-time student (proof of registration needs to be provided by the educational institution).
• Extended family (max 6) – Additional spouse/s, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces. The maximum entry age for an extended family member is 85 years on his/her current birthday.
• Payout within 48 hours after submission of a valid claim and supporting documentation.
• All claims must be submitted within 180 days of the occurrence of death.
• Claims procedure – Contact Mukuru on 086 001 8555 or e-mail The Claims Department will need the following to start processing a claim: *The deceased member’s policy number. *Date and cause of death. *All relevant documentation, signed and certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, e.g. bank manager or police officer as per requirements on the claim form. Alternatively, contact Siyavika Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd to claim: 086 679 0109 |
• Complaint procedure – You are requested to submit any complaint in writing to, or by making use of the query telephone number at the back of the brochure. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, please follow the procedure on the FAIS Disclosure provided with your welcome pack. Alternatively, you can submit a complaint to Siyavika Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd on 086 177 4688 or
• Inception is subject to first premium paid.

Note: Disclosure of inaccurate information at application stage may influence your claim payout
Exclusions: Suicide within the first 12 Months from the commencement date of cover