Now it’s easier than ever for friends and family to receive groceries and stationery in Malawi or Zimbabwe with Mukuru Groceries.

What is Mukuru Groceries?

Mukuru Groceries is the easy way for friends and family in Malawi or Zimbabwe to receive essential groceries and stationery from you if you work in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Botswana. The Mukuru grocery collections option is a product provided by Remitix Ltd, our international remittance partner, in partnership with retailers in the foreign countries.

How Does it Work?

It’s never been easier to receive groceries in Malawi or Zimbabwe

Registered Mukuru customers can order grocery and stationery items for their family and friends to collect instantly at any of the 20 Metro Peech and Browne stores across Zimbabwe or 91 Farmers Market stores in Malawi. 


WhatsApp “Hi” to +27 86 001 8555 or dial *130*567# (Free).


We know it’s important to send groceries to Malawi. Select option 2 “Order Groceries”.


Select or create a recipient for the order.


You’re almost there! Simply confirm your order and choose where and how you would like to pay for it.


Confirmation. Once paid, your Mukuru Groceries order will be ready for instant collection.

Note: Keep your Mukuru Groceries slip until your recipient collects and advise your recipient to check goods before leaving the store.

Can I Send If I Am Not A Mukuru Customer?

No. Unfortunately, this service is only available for those who have registered with Mukuru.

To find out how to register, simply click here: How To Self Sign-Up From Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Customers Choose what Goes in their Mukuru Groceries?

For now the order is packed with the same list and quantities of groceries. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for future developments.

Registered customers can view the list on WhatsApp on +27860018555 or USSD by dialing *130*567#. Choose ‘Send Groceries to Zim’ and then choose ‘View Grocery List’.

Is the service available in other outbound corridors like Zambia or Botswana?

Yes, you can order groceries from Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Can customers order more than one pack?

Yes, you can order as many packs as you need.

How do customers register to send groceries?

No additional registration is required for existing Mukuru Customers. 

Non-Mukuru Customers would need to register via any existing Mukuru registration channel.

It’s easy to sign up in any one of the following ways:

1. Facebook: Send us a message with a selfie of your face next to your ID/passport/asylum document, a separate image of your ID/passport/asylum document, your full name, mobile number, email, occupation and residential address. 

2. WhatsApp: Message “Hi” to +27860018555

3. Dial: Free USSD *130*567# and ask to be called back or register

4. Online: 

5. Visit: Find a list of our branches here: 

6. Meet an Agent: Contact our Call Centre 086 001 8555  to find your nearest agent

How do customers order the pack and how long after payment will it be ready?

Dial *130*567# or WhatsApp on +27860018555 to place an order. 

Orders can be paid at any Mukuru pay-in partner.

The Groceries Pack can be collected as soon as the order is paid.

Where do customers find terms and conditions for the service?


Choose Mukuru Groceries


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Collect at 20 Metro Peech & Browne stores across Zimbabwe!

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Buying groceries has never been easier.

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