We are available to the media to help or for comment

We are Available to the Media to Help or Comment

As one of Africa’s largest remittances companies, we are in an ideal position to provide journalists with information on a range of remittance-related topics.
For an overview of Mukuru operations across Africa and Asia, please see Our Group information, while Our Story gives you an accurate timeline of the Mukuru journey so far.

South African Media

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Global Media excluding SA

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The Latest News from Mukuru

  • Send Money to Africa

    Send Money to Africa

    9 Reasons to Send Money to Africa Using Mukuru If you are an expatriate living in the United Kingdom, you might already know what a challenge it is to find superb money remittances companies that allow for easy transfers and don’t overcharge. With Mukuru, however, you can send money to Africa with the knowledge that […]

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  • Be careful of scammers on Facebook

    Be careful of scammers on Facebook

    Facebook is a platform to meet and make friends, buy and sell goods and services. It is also a convenient place when searching for any item or topic, and it keeps us up-to-date with news and current affairs. However, because it has become such a hub for everything, Facebook has become a playground for scammers that you need […]

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  • Instant Money Transfers

    We Offer Instant Money Transfers When Your Loved Ones Need Them Most Here at Mukuru, we understand just how unpredictable life can be. We also know that for many of our customers living in the United Kingdom, it is important to help provide for and support family members living in uncertainty. As part of our […]

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  • Transfer Money for Collection

    Transfer Money for Collection

    Need to Transfer Money for Collection Today? Set Up an Account with Mukuru With millions of migrants currently living all across the globe, it has become more essential than ever to stay in touch with loved ones back home. For many, it is also just as important to show family and friends back in their […]

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Our Story

Mukuru provides the man-on-the-street with a wide range of affordable, reliable financial services and simple solutions for sending cash into, out of, or around Africa. This is our story.