Foreign Exchange is available at all Mukuru Branches.

1. For local individuals buying foreign currency – Bring your ID, passport, proof of residence, & if flying, your flight ticket. If travelling by road, tell the staff what border you will use and the date.
2. Local individuals selling their foreign currency to Mukuru – Bring your ID, Passport, Proof of residence and Proof of how you obtained the foreign currency, such as a prior invoice from an ADLA, a bank statement, an ATM slip, etc.
3. Foreign individual buying foreign currency – Bring your passport and proof of where they got the ZAR from, such as ATM slip, prior invoice from ADLA, bank statement, etc.
4. Foreign individual selling foreign currency to Mukuru – Bring passport only

Locals can only purchase foreign currency 60 days or less, prior to their departure. This means, they cannot purchase foreign currency for any reason other than travel. They may not hold on to it and then sell it back to make a profit.

Locals must sell their foreign currency back to an AD or ADLA within 30 dates of their return to South Africa.

You can find your nearest Mukuru Branch here.