Meet Mukuru Mover: Abiss Kuyindama

Meet Abiss Kuyindama, Controller, Wallet & Value Added Services, Cape Town.

Abiss has learnt in life and her career, the true value of setting high standards for herself, then working hard and finding the motivation to achieve them. Since she joined the Wallet & VAS team at Mukuru in October 2017, she has always reached and even exceeded the targets set for the team. How does she do it? By always being willing to do more than simply clock-in and out everyday for a pay cheque.

Her calm manner helps her to deal patiently and compassionately with irate or difficult customers, leaving them satisfied at the end of an interaction that they’ve received world class service.

Abiss loves being part of the Mukuru family and she lives out the Mukuru’s core DNA behaviours – holding herself personally accountability each day on the job, showing care to her colleagues and customers, thinking things through especially when she has a new product or procedure to get to grips with, and taking action whenever necessary to deliver in every circumstance.

Let’s get to know a bit more about Abiss.

I was born in the DRC and moved to South Africa at age 15 where I finished matric and got my degree. I now live in the beautiful suburb of Kenilworth. It was a big adjustment coming from a French-speaking country. I had to learn a completely new language and new cultures, while also coping with a very different school year and system.

My position at Mukuru centres around helping customers with all queries related to the Mukuru Card. This includes loading payments, transferring funds from old cards to new cards, assisting with statements and confirmation letters, pin reset SMS notifications, airtime queries, and anything else customers may need.

My biggest challenge is when I have to handle new products or procedures. I try to learn as much as I can about then ask questions when I need more understanding, and I always put in extra hours so that I’m able to master them. I work hard and strive to service customers in a timely way, always providing world-class service to them. I just love the assistance and joy we bring to our customers.

My advice to someone wanting to start a career at Mukuru is: the business is diverse and has great values so always be yourself and stay true to who you are. Be open minded and embrace the culture at Mukuru.

I’ve been working from home since March 2020, and I’m copying by taking it one day at a time so that it isn’t stressful or overwhelming, I always go for walks so I can freshen my mind and try not to worry too much about the “When life will be back to normal?” question.