NEWSFLASH: Our Fees and Rates Have Changed

We have an announcement to make … Moo!

Fees and Rates change – effective 1 August 2017

Money transfers are now even more transparent and offer more value.

Why we changed our rates

Our prices have remained stable for a long period of time. The market has experienced many changes over the last few years, and thus the time had come to review our pricing.

After doing thorough analysis, we revised our fees and rates to offer you more transparency whilst still remaining competitive in the market place. With our new pricing structure:

  • Your recipients receive more cash out for the money you transfer from the UK or Europe
  • We offer faster payouts and guaranteed cash in USD, especially in Zimbabwe where a cash crisis is currently experienced
  • For certain transfer amounts, fees might seem a bit higher, but you get a better forex rate and in most cases we still remain the most affordable money transfer option out there.

Below is an example of what you would have paid and received before vs. what our new rates offer.

Transfer money easily and securely with Mukuru Today. We’re of course happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Happy sending … Moo!