Refer a Friend Programme Terms and Conditions

    1. The Refer a Friend programme (the “Refer a Friend Programme”) is being run by Remitix Limited (Company Registration number 5270734) trading as Mukuru (“Mukuru”) subject to these Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) as well as the terms and conditions found at (as amended from time to time).
    2. These Terms govern the terms under which you may participate in the Refer a Friend Programme as a user of the Mukuru Service in the United Kingdom. You are encouraged to read these Terms carefully because, by participating in the Refer a Friend Programme, you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms. 
    3. The Refer a Friend programme is a way for you to earn Mukuru credit to apply to orders, when you refer friends through the programme, that send money using the Mukuru Service according to these Terms.
    1. Participation Requirements:
      1. To qualify to participate in the Competition you must:
      2. be a registered Mukuru Customer in the United Kingdom (UK) or European Union (EU);
      3. abide by all applicable terms and conditions.
    2. Refer a Friend Programme details:
      1. Refer a Friend Credit for referring a friend is only awarded if:
        1. the friend you refer isn’t already a Mukuru customer registered in the UK or EU; 
        2. provided your friend registers with your unique Refer a Friend Code as issued by Mukuru; 
        3. the friend sends £50 (fifty Pounds) or more from the UK or the EUR equivalent of the GBP amount from the EU on their first send within 6 (six) months of registering, using the Mukuru Service; and 
        4. the funds are collected by your friend’s recipient. 
      2. Mukuru reserves the right to ask for additional Know Your Customer (KYC) documents of anyone partaking in the Refer a Friend Programme to comply with our KYC obligations and protect against fraud.
      3. Mukuru reserves the right to cancel or reject the referral to a friend for any legitimate reason at its discretion and in particular if:
        1. Mukuru suspects that the Refer a Friend Programme has been abused in any way;
        2. the person you refer earns credit by sending money back to you (for example: using your Zimbabwe Mukuru profile); 
        3. you open more than one Mukuru account on the UK website, or spawning multiple fake accounts; 
        4. Mukuru has any reason to believe that you are inviting current EU or UK Mukuru Customers to register new accounts;
        5. referring people in the same household as you;
        6. you are generating a significant (as determined by Mukuru) amount of credit that appears to be founded in suspicious activity;
        7. credit is used to support illegal activities;
        8. generating a number of payments which is, in Mukuru’s discretion, excessive and not in accordance with the spirit of the Refer a Friend Programme;
        9. for any reason that raises concerns of illegal activities;
        10. or for any other reason that raises concerns of suspicious behaviour which is not in accordance with the spirit of the Refer a Friend Programme;
      4. Mukuru reserves the right to suspend accounts of Mukuru Customers if it has any reason to believe or suspect that the Refer a Friend Programme is being abused.
    3. Refer a Friend Credit 
      1. Individuals who have earned Refer a Friend Credit can apply up to £500 (five hundred Pounds) of the credit on any order. 
      2. Refer a Friend Credit of £10 (ten Pounds) will automatically be applied to your account once your friend’s recipient has collected the funds.  If after 6 (six) months from your friend’s registration the remaining conditions of these Terms have not been met, you will not be entitled to receive any credit for the referral and you will have no claim against Mukuru for any payment or credit.  
      3. Any individual who receives Refer a Friend Credit from Mukuru is liable for his/her own personal taxes and is liable for any applicable tax implications resulting from being awarded credit.
    4. General
      1. Mukuru may vary the terms of or cancel the Refer a Friend Programme at any time and without any liability to any person involved directly or indirectly in the Refer a Friend Programme. 
      2. Continued use of the Refer a Friend programme means you accept the Terms in force at that time. 
      3. Mukuru will not assume any liability to any participant in connection with or arising out of the Refer a Friend Programme however it is caused, including for any costs, expenses, damages and other liabilities 
      4. These Terms are governed by and determined in accordance with the laws of England.