How to Get the Mukuru Funeral Benefit?

  • Create an international Mukuru money transfer order of R700 or more on our Whatsapp (+2786 001 8555) or USSD (*130*566#) channel
  • Pay for it at any one of our Mukuru branches, using your Mukuru Card or at one of our partners
  • Opt into the Mukuru Funeral Benefit on our WhatsApp or USSD channels by selecting option 4 on the main menu and completing the details of your beneficiary. That’s it!
  • To maintain the benefit, you need to send R700 or more every month.

Please note: The benefit will cover you, as the sender, for the following month.  So, if you send over R700 on 5 September, the benefit will start on 1 October and the beneficiary will be paid out the respective amount should you pass away during the month of October. To keep this benefit active, you need to send R700 or more internationally every month.