1. Every time you enter a competition/promotional offer conducted or promoted by Mukuru Africa (Proprietary) Limited or an Affiliate of Mukuru Africa (Proprietary) Limited (“Mukuru Africa”), you agree to be bound by these standard terms and conditions as well as any other terms and conditions that apply specifically to the competition that you are entering. In the event of a conflict between these standard terms and conditions and any specific terms and conditions, the provisions of the specific terms and conditions will apply. 
  2. Competitions/promotional offers are only open to people 18 years and older, who reside within the Republic of South Africa. Mukuru Africa reserves the right to request proof to its satisfaction of your age or residency. 
  3. Employees, partners, directors, agents and consultants of Mukuru Africa, as well as their spouses, life partners, parents, children, siblings, business partners and associates, are not eligible to enter any competition and/or promotional offer. 
  4. Details of how to enter a competition and/or promotional offer will appear in the competition/promotional offer advertisement and/or in the specific rules that will accompany the competition and/or promotional offer.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that your entry is received by Mukuru Africa prior to the closure of the competition. Any entries which are not received prior to the closure of the competition will not be eligible to participate, regardless of the reason for the late entry. Mukuru Africa is not responsible for any entries which are not received, whether timeously or at all, regardless of the cause thereof. 
  6. Any costs or expenses which you may incur other than in respect of those items specifically included in a prize are for your own account.  If you use a mobile phone or other device for entry into the competition, the cost of any telephone calls/electronic messages/text messages/data you use will be for your own expense. Mukuru Africa will not be responsible for any costs or expenses which you incur during and for purposes of your entry into the competition and your acceptance and/or use of a prize.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which you provide to Mukuru Africa is accurate, complete and up to date. Should any of the data provided by yourself in connection with any competition promoted by Mukuru Africa prove to be invalid, inaccurate, false or misleading, your entry shall be disregarded and you shall be prohibited from entering any further competitions promoted by Mukuru Africa for a set period to be determined by Mukuru Africa in its sole discretion.
  8. Mukuru Africa does not represent or warrant, whether expressly or implicitly, that:
    1. your entry or participation in the competition will necessarily result in you winning a prize;
    2. a prize, or any aspect thereof, will meet your requirements, preferences, standards or expectations; or 
    3. a prize, or any aspect thereof, will be satisfactory, punctual, free from defects, safe or reliable.
  9. Prizes are not transferable and may not be deferred, changed or exchanged for cash or any other item.
  10. You may not win a prize if it is unlawful for Mukuru Africa to supply such a prize to you. If you do win such a prize, you will forfeit it.
  11. You must possess whatever documents and permissions that may be required in order to accept and use a prize.
  12. The winners will be notified by means of the contact details provided to Mukuru Africa. If Mukuru Africa is unable to contact a winner within 14 days or if the winner is unable to collect the prize within 30 days, the winner will forfeit the prize and Mukuru Africa reserves the right to re-draw a new winner under the same conditions.
  13. Mukuru Africa may require you to provide additional information and documentation as may reasonably be required in order to process, confirm and facilitate your acceptance and/or use of a prize. If you refuse to provide the requested information or documentation, you will forfeit the prize.
  14. Mukuru Africa may invite you to be present when the prize winners are determined or announced, to participate in any of our marketing activities, to appear in person in the electronic media and/or the print media, and/or to endorse, promote or advertise the money transfer service operated by Mukuru Africa, for which no fee, royalty or other compensation will be payable. You may decline such an invitation.
  15. You agree that your participation in the competition, and your acceptance and/or use of a prize, or any aspect thereof, is at your own risk.
  16. Mukuru Africa, its agents and service providers/co-promoters involved in the competition/promotional offer assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss, damage, death, personal injuries, defamation and/or any other claims arising in connection with any competition/promotional offer, or its prizes.
  17. If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions, then without prejudice to any other remedy which Mukuru Africa may have:
    1. you will be automatically disqualified and you will forfeit the prize/s (if you have already won a prize); 
    2. you will pay Mukuru Africa for any loss or damage incurred by Mukuru Africa directly or indirectly as a result of your non-compliance, including all Mukuru Africa’s legal costs (including attorney and own client costs) which we may incur in taking any steps pursuant to your non-compliance; and 
    3. you indemnify and hold Mukuru Africa harmless against any claim by any person, (whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature, whether arising from negligence or any other cause, relating to any death, injury, loss and/or damage which may be suffered howsoever arising in relation to your failure to comply therewith.
  18. For purposes hereof, “Affiliate” means all subsidiaries and holding companies of Mukuru Africa, any other subsidiaries of such holding companies, all entities controlled by or under the direct or indirect control of Mukuru Africa, its subsidiaries, its holding companies or the subsidiaries of such holding companies, Mukuru Africa’s partners, co-promoters and sponsors of any competition, its subsidiaries, their subsidiaries and respective holding companies, the subsidiaries of their holding companies, and their directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives.
  19. These terms and conditions will be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of contract and dispute resolution in the Republic of South Africa.
  20. Mukuru Africa’s decision on any matter concerning the competition and/or arising out of these terms and conditions is final and binding on you, and no further correspondence will be taken into consideration.