Mukuru Card Fees

Fess for 2021


Transactional Card Fees

  1. Swiping card at stores: FREE
  2. Cash deposit at Mukuru Branch: 2.78%
  3. Cash deposit at Shoprite/Checkers/Usave (Wicode): R13.99
  4. Cash withdrawal at Shoprite/Checkers/Usave (WiCode): R19.99
  5. Cashback withdrawal at retailers with purchase: R4.92
  6. Cashback withdrawal at retailers with no purchase: R5.68
  7. Transfer to another Mukuru Card: R9.99
  8. Transaction notification SMS: FREE

ATM Transactions

  1. Standard Bank ATM Transaction: R11.00
  2. Other Bank’s ATM transaction: R19.40
  3. Standard Bank ATM balance enquiry: R3.25
  4. Other Bank’s ATM balance enquiry: R4.80

Account Fees

  1. Card Activation Fee: R46.00
  2. Card Load Fee: R4.74
  3. Cheque Deposit: R60.00
  4. Monthly Fee: R26.00
  5. PIN Reset Fee: R5.98
  6. SMS Balance Enquiry Fee: R2.10

Buy / Prepaid

  1. Airtime: FREE
  2. Electricity: R1.00 (service fee per transaction)


Mukuru Card Limits

  1. Maximum balance per card: R25,000
  2. Maximum monthly load per card: R25,000
  3. Maximum daily ATM withdrawal per card: R5,000

This account DOES NOT SUPPORT:

  • Direct Debit
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Payments
  • Wire transfers to other banks
  • International Bank Transfers