Mukuru Movers: Meet Mwale Dadeo

Mukuru Movers: Meet Mwale Dadeo

Who are Mukuru Movers? These are people dedicated to the Mukuru Mission. Individuals who everyday on the job embody the Mukuru Culture of world class service, sense of family, innovation and creativity, passion in work and play, integrity and growth through learning.

Meet Mwale Dadeo, whose deep roots in the community and strong sense of family inspire him to deliver outstanding world class service to our Mukuru customers, no matter what the challenges may be.

Mukuru Mover, Mwale Dadeo, works for Mukuru Money Transfer Ltd as a Lusaka Branch Teller in Zambia.

I was born and raised in the Luapula region of Zambia. It is a place of beautiful valleys, waterfalls and Samfya Beach, which is popular with tourists and adventurers. Subsistence farming and fishing are the main activities in Luapula. Almost all essential food is home grown and goods are quite affordable because most of them are made right here. I am so connected to this place. It is friendly and harmonious; people are welcoming and easy to talk to. It’s a community that operates as a family and has a culture of helping neighbours out whenever possible.

Working as a Mukuru branch teller has taught me that things are never going to go exactly as expected. But the challenge of delivering the best customer service is one I try to rise to every day. It is not uncommon to have customers who want to take shortcuts. For example, a customer might want to transact without providing their identity documents or other personal information that is required. This is when I must exercise patience and calm the customer so they understand how our system works. Then I have an opportunity to educate the customers on how important these documents are to keep their money safe.

Being extra patient, calm and following all the necessary procedures, allows me to overcome the challenges of my job. Issues to do with fraud and audits also pose a challenge for me as a branch teller. I have to be extra careful, and on the lookout for fraudulent or money laundering activity. Customers can trust Mukuru as a money transfer company; we never compromise on service delivery.

There are so many reasons I like working at Mukuru. Our services are highly technological. This means we embrace real-time service delivery that is instant and reliable, and this results in a lot of customer satisfaction. An example of this is how the company is finding ways to deliver our services despite the challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic.

The training and development programmes I’ve had access to as Mukuru employees are quite remarkable. They have helped me to grow from strength to strength as a member of the Mukuru family – not only in terms of my career path, but also at personal level as a human being. This shows how much Mukuru as a company cares about my welfare and wellbeing.