New in Malawi – Launch of Mukuru Orange Booths

We are excited to announce the launch of Mukuru orange booths in Malawi.

Now your loved ones in Malawi also have the option to collect cash at our orange booths located all over Malawi. As a recipient, if you are receiving money from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia or the United Kingdom be sure to look out for a Mukuru orange booth located near you.

And the exciting news doesn’t stop there, if you collect money from one of our many Mukuru orange booths you’ll receive a FREE gift at the booth, while stocks last!

Our booths are easy to find – look for the bright orange booth that has the word Mukuru on it! We already have Mukuru orange booths in the following areas:

CityLocationDescription (city council)
Lilongwe BranchBranchLocated in Lexson Chiluli Building close to Bwaila Hospital
Blantyre BranchBranchLocated at Aram Mall in Limbe
Mangochi BranchBranchLocated along M3 Road close to First Capital Bank Mangochi Agency
Mzimba BranchBranchLocated along M9 road next to Standard Bank
Mzuzu BranchBranchLocated at Mzuzu Mall, Shop Rite building
BalakaBalaka BomaLocated at Balaka Boma
BlantyreBlantyre MarketLocated around Blantyre Market close to Bus depot
BlantyreBlantyre CBD Glyn Jones RdLocated outside Axa terminal
BlantyreChilekaLocated near Kameza Round about
BlantyreLunzuLocated at Lunzu Market
BlantyreChigumulaLocated at Chigumula Market
DedzaDedza BomaLocated at Dedza Boma close to Bus depot
LilongweArea 2Located along the M1 close to Bwaila hospital
LilongweMitundu Market*Located along the road towards the market
LilongweMtandire*Located along the road on the junction to Mtandire
LilongweArea 36Located along M1 road opposite Total Filling Station
LilongweLizulu MarketLocated at Lizulu market towards
MachingaLiwondeLocated at Liwonde trading
MangochiM’baluku*Located at M’baluku market
MangochiMangochi TownOpposite Kips
MwanzaMwanza border townBorder site. The location is good for travellers
MzimbaMzimba BomaLocated along the road towards Mzimba Market
MzimbaMzimba MarketLocated outside Mzimba Market Fence
MzuzuMzuzu MarketLocated along the M1 road close to Mzuzu Market
MzuzuMzuzu MarketLocated in Mzuzu Market
NkhatabayNkhatabay TownLocated in Nkhatabay market
NkhotakotaDwangwaLocated at Dwangwa Trading Centre
NkhotakotaNkhotakota BomaLocated at the Boma in Nkhotakota
PhalombeClement Supplies & StationaryPhalombe Boma
RumphiRumphi BomaLocated on Rumphi Boma
ThyoloBvumbwe MarketLocated at Bvumbwe Market
ThyoloThyolo BomaLocated at Trading Centre
ThyoloLuchenzaLocated at Luchenza
ZombaChinamwali Market*Located at Chinamwali Market
ZombaPCC ZombaLocated at the T-Junction opposite Council offices

View the exact locations of our Malawi orange booths. Mukuru has Malawi covered! Sign up, Send it, Sorted!