Terms & Conditions for the Mukuru Social Christmas Campaign

  1. Introduction
    1. The Mukuru Social Christmas Campaign (“the Campaign”) is being run by Mukuru Africa (Pty) Ltd (Company Registration number 2013/003424/07) (“Mukuru”) from 4 December 2020 – 25 December 2020 (“the Competition Period”) subject to these specific terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions for campaigns and competitions which can be found at www.mukuru.com (“Competition Ts & Cs”).
    2. By participating in the Campaign, you confirm that you have read and agree to be legally bound by these Campaign Ts & Cs.
    3. If you have any questions about the Campaign Ts & Cs or the Campaign itself, please contact us by email at [email protected] (weekdays during office hours 08h00 – 17h00).
  2. Campaign Entry Requirements and Details:
    1. There are 3 (three) mini campaigns under these Campaign Ts & Cs.
      1. Mukuru Shopping Discounts mini campaign:
        1. Every day during the period of 4 December 2020 – 11 December 2020 Mukuru will post 2 (two) questions about Mukuru Shopping Discounts on Mukuru’s Facebook page.
        2. By answering the questions, on any day, you will be entering into the Mukuru Shopping Discounts mini campaign.
        3. If you answer both questions correctly on a given day, you stand the chance to be 1 of 10 R500 (five hundred Rand) airtime winners “the Mukuru Shopping Discounts Prize” (therefore a total of R5000 in cash to be won).
        4. If a winner is situated outside of South Africa, the cash equivalent will be paid to the winner outside of South Africa. The Mukuru Shopping Discounts Prize will be converted (on the date on which the winner is announced) into the official currency of the country in which the recipient is located.
        5. Winners will be randomly selected and then announced on 18 December 2020.
      2. Mukuru Card mini campaign:
        1. If you sign-up for a Mukuru Money Card or send via Mukuru Money Card between 13 December 2020 – 18 December 2020, you stand the chance to be 1 (one) of 10 (ten) winners of R500 (five hundred Rand) each “the Mukuru Card Prize” (therefore a total of R5000 to be won).
        2. The Mukuru Card Prize will be loaded onto your Mukuru Money Card.
        3. Winners will be announced on 20 December 2020.
        4. The Mukuru Card campaign is only open to Mukuru Customers signing up for a Mukuru Card or sending money using the Mukuru Service, from South Africa.
        5. Winners will be selected randomly.
      3. Mukuru Remittance mini campaign:
        1. If you send money home, using the Mukuru Service, during the period 4 December 2020 – 25 December 2020 you stand the chance to win back your send amount, to a maximum amount of R1500 (one thousand five hundred Rand) “Mukuru Remittance Prize”.
        2. A total of 10 winners will be randomly selected and then announced on 25 December 2020.
    2. By entering the Campaign, you are granting Mukuru permission and authority to use personal information you give Mukuru for the purposes of this Campaign and for marketing communication as permitted by law.
    3. Persons who fulfil all the requirements of each mini campaign referred to above, will be referred to as “Qualifying Participants” for the purposes of the specific mini campaign. Only Qualifying Participants may be selected as winners under these Campaign Ts & Cs.
    4. The Mukuru Shopping Discounts Prize, the Mukuru Card Prize and the Mukuru Remittance Prize are all collectively referred to as the Prize where applicable.
  3. The Prize
    1. The Prize:
      1. The total number of winners for the:
        1. Mukuru Shopping Discounts mini campaign is 50;
        2. Mukuru Card mini campaign is 10; and
      2. Mukuru Remittance mini campaign is 10.
    2. Winner Selection
      1. Winners will be randomly chosen by Mukuru.
  4. Collecting your Prize
    1. Where winners are announced, they will be on the given dates, on Mukuru’s Facebook page and/or Twitter account.
    2. Each Qualifying Participant who is a winner and receives a Prize will receive the Prize into their bank account. If the Prize consists of airtime, the airtime will be loaded onto the winner’s phone.
    3. If Mukuru is unable to transfer the Prize to you within 4 (four) days, then the Prize will be forfeited.
  5. General
    1. Mukuru employees will not be allowed to enter the Campaign.
    2. Qualifying Participants must be 18 years or older.
    3. If for any reason, the Campaign cannot run as planned because of any technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond our control which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Campaign, we reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify, suspend or cancel the Campaign and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes (or has caused) the problem.
    4. Mukuru may vary the terms of or cancel the Campaign at any time. Mukuru may vary or cancel the Campaign at any time without any liability to any person involved directly or indirectly in the Campaign.
    5. The Prize is not transferrable except as expressly stated herein.
    6. Mukuru cannot be held liable for any loss, expense or damage to any person participating in the Campaign.
    7. A failure by Mukuru to enforce any one of the terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim or right of action by any Qualifying Participant. If Mukuru does not enforce a provision, this will not mean that Mukuru has given up on or lost any rights.
    8. Mukuru will not assume any liability to any participant, or Qualifying Participant in connection with or arising out of the Campaign however it is caused, including for any costs, expenses, forfeited rewards, damages and other liabilities
    9. These Campaign Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of South Africa.