The Benefits of Sending Cash Instantly Through Mukuru

Send Cash Instantly With Mukuru

Anyone living abroad and away from family and friends will know that being unable to physically support one’s loved ones is stressful. You want to be there to show the people you cherish that you truly do care, but distance and limited connection possibilities make this difficult. For African expatriates living in the United Kingdom, however, Mukuru can help. As a money remittances company committed to swift, safe cash transfers, our customers rely on us to get their transfers across the globe without hassle. We create the opportunity to send cash instantly, which in itself offers tremendous benefits to customers who make use of our services.

Pay Important Bills Without Delay

Households across the globe have monthly expenses that must be covered. These expenses may include payments for housing or accommodation, cellular phone contracts for data and airtime, loan repayments, and schooling and education fees. Failure to pay these expenses timeously may result in penalty fees, increased tariffs, or accumulation of debt, and so it is important to cover them as quickly as possible. With an instant Mukuru money transfer, you can send cash instantly without the need to wait days and even weeks for the money to be processed. This means you can support your loved ones back home when it comes to those monthly bills with no fuss. 

Instant Financial Support During a Crisis

Not all expenses can be accommodated, however, as there is no way to plan for life’s unexpected challenges. In times of crisis, getting money to your loved ones in your home country is essential – and sometimes lifesaving. Unexpected medical expenses and medicines, the need for transport money, or emergency repairs around the home are just some instances where one’s loved ones cannot wait long for financial support. With Mukuru, your transfer is processed instantly and a vast network of payout points means those you care about will not struggle to collect their cash.

Covering Unexpected Living Costs

Household expenses fluctuate, and the cost of living is continually on the rise. Some months, groceries might be more costly, new clothes may be needed, stationery for school could be in need of replacement – and there is no way to know when these expenses must take priority. With the reassurance that a Mukuru instant cash transfer is possible, you have no need to worry about unforeseen living costs that may arise month to month.

Showing You Care Today

Sometimes, it is nice to send your dearest back home a little something to show you care. Whether this is for a planned gift, or just a surprise to let them know you are thinking about them. With our easy-to-navigate services here at Mukuru, there is now no need to schedule for such spontaneous transfers – you can simply send cash when you want to, knowing the money will arrive in no time.

How to Do it Through Mukuru

Want to send cash instantly today? All you have to do is register with us. We make the process easy by allowing you to do it online or by contacting a Mukuru consultant on +44 (0) 20 7183 0052. We will then require some information about you (and proof of identity and address if you opt for Full Registration), and then you are ready to transfer cash at once. We have thousands of cash collection points across the various African countries we service, and your loved one simply needs to present their reference number (sent via SMS) and an identity document that matches the details you entered to collect their money.

We make it simple, safe, and swift, and you and your loved ones can expect nothing but stellar service and personal assistance all the way. For more information on how we can streamline your money transfers to Africa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.