Meet Mukuru Mover: Saiful Islam

Meet Saiful Islam, Verifications Officer, based at Mukuru’s Cape Town office.

Saiful joined the Mukuru Verifications team less than a year ago, and he’s proven himself to be committed, hardworking and determined to carry out his mandate, always with a high level of integrity. Every day on the job, he lives out Mukuru’s strong sense of family – going the extra mile for members of the team and customers alike.

If you’re looking for an outstanding example of the power of growth through learning, look no further than Saiful. His English has come on in leaps and bounds, and his knowledge of the Mukuru product continues to grow. Saiful is always eager to take on new skills and knowledge – an important trait in Mukuru’s constantly changing environment.

I grew up in the Noakhali District, in the south eastern part of Bangladesh. Noakhali is a port city on the estuary of the Meghna River as it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is known for its natural beauty – Nijhum Dwip in the Noakhali Islands is home to many species of migrating birds in the winter season that add to the beauty of the mangroves. Other popular spots include the Gandhi Ashram and the 18th century Bajra Shahi Mosque.

Before I relocated to South Africa, I was a student and also worked for a pharmacy. It was quite difficult adjusting to life in South Africa at first, especially with the language barrier. I speak Bengali, also called Bangla.

The main purpose of my job as a Mukuru Verifications Officer is to make sure that FICA documentation is received from new customers and that it’s accurate and complete. I’m also responsible for updating customer contact information and processing contact number change requests. I especially enjoy responding to clients on tickets, making sure l assist them with everything and that they are happy at the end of an interaction.

I like working at Mukuru because it doesn’t matter what race you are, your age or even your nationality; everyone at Mukuru welcomes you and is always available to assist in every way.

For me the highlight of working at Mukuru is the fact that we are more like a family than just a company. I also appreciate how much knowledge and training I’ve gained through Mukuru.

I’m now at the point in my career where I accept all the challenges that come my way and welcome the training I get because it is for my benefit and I can then share my knowledge with the team. I don’t take criticism personally, especially if it’s work-related, and is for my benefit to help me carry out my job accurately and correctly.