12 Interesting Facts about Mukuru Orange Booths

There is a quiet revolution going on in Africa – its mission is to deliver world class service to people who have never qualified for, or had access to, mainstream financial services. We mean it when we say we do everything we can to meet our customers wherever they happen to be. One of the ways we do this? Meet the Mukuru Orange Booth.

  1. Right now, as you read this, around 700 Mukuru Orange Booths are quietly getting on with the business of spreading financial freedom and inclusivity across the African continent by enabling the families of migrant workers to receive cash when and where they need it most

  2. Each year, millions of people are served at a Mukuru Orange Booth; these numbers keep growing.

  3. The small but mighty Mukuru Booth is both an ideal high-density and rural service point solution because it has a small footprint that allows a teller and customer to carry out transactions privately and securely in many different settings.

  4. Although affectionately known as Mukuru Orange Booths, technically-speaking, they are fibreglass kiosks that are built to withstand tough conditions, from rain and dust to the hot African sun. And when well cared for, they can last more than 10 years out of doors.

  5. The face of Mukuru in so many town streets and on dusty roads, our little darlings are washed regularly so they’re ready to deliver world class service to customers throughout the year. We typically wash them as often as we wash our cars.

  1. A surprising fact; some of our Orange Booth have walls that are just two to three millimeters thick, but are still very strong with high impact capabilities.

  2. With safety in mind, the floor panels are a non-slip surface.

  3. Every brave little booth is fitted with security features like TrelliDor’s and security grills.

  4. Mukuru staff have made an art of putting up an Orange Booth. First-timers usually take around an hour and a half, but an expert assembler can set one up in less than thirty minutes.

  5. Don’t be deceived by the compact appearance of our booths – they’re heavy. Loading and unloading a Mukuru Orange Booth is one of the best forearm workouts on the planet!

  6. We have discovered that our booths have two mortal enemies – hurricanes and busses. Intense Tropical Cyclone Idai washed away three brave little booths in Zimbabwe in March 2019. And despite those cheerful, bright orange faces, several have been run over by busses!

  7. Mukuru is on a mission to extend its quiet revolution of financial inclusion across the African continent, and further afield. The network of Mukuru Orange Booths is one of the most effective ways to deliver access to financial solutions, and reduce travel time and expense for our customers. Watch this space – an orange booth is sure to appear near you soon!