Mukuru Card

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Mukuru Card Fees


Transactional Card Fees

  1. Once off activation fee R45.00
  2. Card Load fee R4.74 per load
  3. Cash deposit fee at a bank R7.10 + 2.78%
  4. Cash deposit at a Mukuru branch 2.78% of total amount
  5. Cheque deposit R43.00
  6. Transfer to another Mukuru Card R9.99
  7. Point of sale transaction at merchants Free
  8. Monthly Fee R26.00
  9. SMS balance enquiry R2.10

ATM Transactions

  1. Standard Bank ATM Transaction R10.00
  2. Other Banks ATM transaction R18.40
  3. Standard Bank ATM balance enquiry R3.10
  4. Other Banks ATM balance enquiry R4.65
  5. Pin Reset Fee R5.75 per reset request

WiCode Transactions

  1. Withdrawal fee R19.99
  2. Deposit fee R9.99

Cashback Withdrawals at Retailers

  1. R3.77 per cashback with purchase
  2. R4.53 per cashback without a purchase


Mukuru Card Limits

  1. Maximum balance per card:R25,000
    • (Balance on the card should not exceed R25 000 at any given point.)
  2. Maximum monthly load per card: R25,000
    • (Maximum load per card per month should not exceed R25 000)
  3. Maximum daily ATM withdrawal per card: R5 000
    • POS transactions are unlimited
    • Minimum deposit of R100

This account DOES NOT SUPPORT:

  • Direct Debit
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Payments
  • Wire transfers to other banks
  • International Bank Transfers

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Few Helpful Hints

In case you get stuck.

You must sign the back of the card in ink immediately when you receive it.

When using POS devices, always check that the card returned to you is yours.

Report lost or stolen cards or those not returned by calling 086 001 8555. Similarly, if your PIN has been compromised, stop your card immediately.

Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so by the POS device.

Do not disclose your PIN number/s to anyone. To reset your USSD secret PIN, call 086 001 8555 or chat to a consultant on our Mukuru App for assistance.

You must memorise your PIN or keep a record of it in a safe place, separate from your card. Do not give your PIN to anyone (even family members).

You must keep us updated with your personal information so you can continue to receive product updates.

For further information, consult the Mukuru Card Terms and Conditions.