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Mukuru Card

The Mukuru Card allows you to easily send money locally and internationally using the funds on your card to over 50 countries including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and more!

Mukuru Card Benefits

Receive your salary onto your Mukuru Card

send money with Mukuru

Send and receive money locally and internationally

Tap or swipe your card in store for FREE

Buy data bundles, airtime, electricity and pay your DStv

Shop online at South African retailers

Withdraw funds at retailers and ATMs

Get Paid the Smart Way  

Say goodbye to long queues and delays. Get your salary paid directly on to your Mukuru Card its safe and secure!

Getting Your EFT Details 

To find your EFT details:

  1. WhatsApp +2786 001 8555 or dial *130*566#
  2. Select “Mukuru Card
  3. Select “EFT account details

Your EFT details will appear as follows:

Bank Name: Access Bank
Branch Code: 410506
Account Number: Your Unique 11-digit Number

Note: Mukuru Cards use Access Bank to receive EFTs

Get All the Benefits of a

Mukuru Card

How to set up and activate your card:

  • Step 1: WhatsApp +27860018555 or dial *130*566#
  • Step 2: Select Mukuru Card
  • Step 3: Enter your Mukuru Card’s unique numbers as requested
  • Step 4: Choose a 4-digit PIN that will be used to access your Mukuru Card menu
  • Step 5: Activate your Mukuru Card by loading R100 via EFT or cash top up

For more useful information about your Mukuru Card, view our Card Brochure.

Customer Testimonials

Mukuru Card Safety Tips

As a valued Mukuru customer, here are a few security tips to be aware of. These are by no means a complete list and it remains your responsibility to keep your Mukuru account safe!

Protect your PIN

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  • When creating your PIN, don’t use easy combinations or obvious numbers like your birthday and do not use repeating or sequential numbers.
  • Do not reuse the same PIN across multiple accounts or devices.
  • Do not write your PIN down or share your PIN with anyone, including any Mukuru employees or agents. We will never ask you for your PIN. 
  • If you’re at an ATM, be aware of who else is around you and make sure you cover the keypad when you put in your PIN.

Protect your phone

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Protect your card

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Contact us immediately to block your Mukuru account if :

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If your phone or Mukuru card is accessed by someone else, you could lose the money in your Mukuru account and personal information that is important to you.

* A SIM swap is when someone tricks your mobile phone company into giving them a new SIM card with your phone number. They pretend to be you, often using stolen personal information. Once they get the new SIM card, they can receive your calls and texts, including verification codes for your accounts, which lets them access your online accounts and steal your money or personal information. It’s like switching your phone number to a different phone without you knowing.

Mukuru Card FAQs

How do I load money onto my card?

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How can I save more with my Mukuru Card?

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Can I use my Mukuru Card outside of South Africa?

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Card Unblock: How do I reset my 4 digit Card PIN?

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How do I get my Card statement?

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How do I reset my 5 Digit Mukuru PIN?

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