How to Increase Your Send Limits


As an Authorised Payment Institution to provide remittance services, “Know Your Customer” (KYC) checks are mandatory – by complying with KYC regulations, we protect ourselves, as well as our customers against various risks. 

Customers are able to register with Mukuru and send up to £600 per month based on successful KYC data checks performed, including identity verification. Upon identity verification, the customer will be able to transact under £600 each month without any issue.

Customers who we cannot verify will be directed to provide the documents required for CORE limits. See CORE details below. 

Customers can also choose to upload their CORE documents before sending money in order to have a seamless experience. Click here to Upload your photo ID, confirm your address and personal details.


If a customer wishes to send between £600 – £4,000 per month, Mukuru is obligated by HMRC UK Laws and Regulations to collect identity documents to further confirm their identity. 

Acceptable Identity Documents: 

  • International Passport
  • UK Passport
  • UK Driver’s license

 Click here to Upload your photo ID.


In order to send more than £4,000 per month Mukuru, is obligated to obtain proof of source of funds documentation. 

Acceptable Proof of Source of Funds: 

  • Last 3 months Bank Statements 
  • Last 3 months Payslips
  • Deed of Sale
  • Other appropriate documentation

You will only be able to upload proof of source of funds once you have successfully increased your limits to £4,000 per month (CORE). Click here to Upload your proof source of funds.