Send Cash to Zimbabwe

Send Cash to Zimbabwe

We Answer 5 Common Queries About Sending Cash to Zimbabwe

As international money transfers become more and more popular with expats living abroad, people are flocking to find the most cost-friendly, convenient, and safe money remittances services available. Here at Mukuru, we make use of the latest innovative mobile and web-based technologies to deliver world-class services to our customers all over the world. Our services are especially useful to migrants and recipients who do not have easy access to mainstream financial services. Now, sending your loved one in Zimbabwe money for food, school fees, and even medical expenses is easy and affordable.

What is Mukuru?

Here at Mukuru, our services allow our customers to transfer money around the globe. For years, we have built up a reliable name when it comes to secure cash transfers. For Zimbabwean expatriates living within the EU and UK, supporting friends, family, and loved ones in their home country can be a challenge, but our services make signing up and sending cash an effortless process that takes no more than a few minutes.

Is Mukuru Safe?

When registering your account with us, all your details are captured and stored on a secure server by our card authorisation authority. This means that not even our team is privy to your details, and there is no chance of this information being accessed by third-party organisations.

What Are My Payment Options?

Should you decide to send cash to a recipient in Zimbabwe, you have a few payment options available. You are free to use your debit or credit card, as long as the name on the card matches the name of your registered Mukuru account. You can also make your payment via EFT if that is more convenient.

How Will the Recipient Receive the Money?

Once the money is sent, your recipient will receive a voucher number with collection details. This voucher number, along with proof of identity and matching details from the sender, can be taken to any Mukuru branch for cash collection. Within Zimbabwe, USD cash collection is also guaranteed at over 150 Mukuru Orange Booths. These booths are compact kiosks situated all over Zimbabwe, including rural areas, and act as payout points for Mukuru money transfers. There are also 500+ cash collection points across Zimbabwe that form a large collection network for locals. They are safe, convenient, and minimise queueing and long-distance travels.

How Quick Are Transfers?

Once payment is confirmed, your cash transfer is ready for collection instantly. It is possible to make these confirmations on the same day if cash deposits from the UK are made before 13:00. There are also zero transfer fees upon your first send, though foreign exchange rates are incurred. This convenient, instant and affordable cash transfer service means your loved ones will not have to wait long for their money.

Locals living in Zimbabwe also have the option of using our services in different languages, including English, Shona, and Chewa – just another way we tailor our services for inclusivity and accessibility. If you would like to send cash quickly and efficiently, why not make use of our world-class services today?

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