Our Story

Learn all about global Fintech business Mukuru and our journey to empower migrants to move money around the world.


That Make Us Stand Out


Mukuru helps you move money around Africa. Sending cash for instant collection or topping up a bank account or mobile wallet, has never been easier. We use the latest mobile and web-based technologies to give you the best experience possible. But that’s just half the story. To really understand us, you need to know the “why” behind all we do.


We know that every one of our customers has a story; just like we do. So whether you are sending money for school fees, hospital bills, rent or groceries, we are passionate about making that story end well.


It is this, the opportunity to enrich the lives of Africa’s people by helping family, friends and loved ones stay connected, that motivates us to improve, to do more and to reach further. To us, a remittance is more than money. It represents the love, care and hard work of the sender and can be a lifeline, an opportunity or even a celebration to the recipient.


So when you send money with Mukuru, you can rest assured that you will get great service from people who understand you.

The Mukuru Why

We exist as a remittances company, to empower migrants to move money in a convenient, safe and affordable manner. These workers, who would usually be excluded from mainstream financial services, can now fulfill their desire to improve their own and their families’ lives.

The Mukuru Mission

To provide world class service in delivering products and services that our customers really need. Mukuru is the personal choice for remittances generated in Africa and Asia.