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With Light registration send up to R5000 a day & up to R25000 a month.

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Client Testimonials

Lebo Magolego

I have used other money transfer facilities but Mukuru has been the best by far. Getting money to my cousin in Botswana has never been a pleasure , but doing it using Mukuru eased the heartache of bad service (combined with having to part with money). Hahaha. The experience was free of drama and just pure bliss

Bee Mlambo

It offers great service to the people, it’s easy to collect money ,and you are guaranteed that your recipient will get US Cash, and that really gives me peace of mind, a big thumps up to Mukuru.

Darryl Dvd Gary

Simple and convenient, have been using Mukuru for a long time, everything is fine. Of course ups and downs are there on their services but it’s part and parcel of game.
No more going to spaza to buy airtime, I use my card even to send money using and buying groceries.
My you continue with your tremendous job.

Teresa Tavares Casimiro

Very helpful company which opened doors to many African who couldn’t send money Home and thus were struggling to help the family.. Mukuru really came up with the technique to facilitate life’s of many african and gas been supportive. I recommend this to SA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho.. For sure one day I pray it helps the whole African Nations. Go Mukuru, Go Africa!!!

Langton Hamutyi

I’m very happy to use Mukuru bcz for me is safe and clean especially on sending money home. But sometimes will wait long to receive calls or SMS when we need emergency help. Communication is the best thanks.

Christopher Chifundo Nazombe

Mukuru is the best its easy to send money and school fees

Steven Wazisomo Ligomeka

This is the best way of sending money home I ever trusted