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We know the money you send home is essential to your loved ones back home. Therefore, we’re always looking to make it easier for you to send money home, and now we are making it even more convenient.

See below how simple it is to sign up for your first money send! Once you’ve registered with Mukuru, you’ll be able to send upto R2000 the same day. So sign-up today and send money home to over 20 countries in Africa and Asia.

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How to pay via EFT from the comfort of your home 


Place orders via WhatsApp by messaging “Hi” to +27860018555, or dial *130*567# or transact online on our mobi site 24/7. Then start your order by selecting your recipient and how much you would like to send.


Then simply select FNB as a payin point and access your personal bank account and proceed to make payment.


When completing the payment, add Mukuru as a beneficiary on your banking App or pay to the banking details supplied during the order process.

Alternatively, if you have a Mukuru card you can simply choose your Mukuru card as your method of payment so that your order can be confirmed instantly.

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With Our App You Can

  1. Register for a Mukuru account
  2. Create, send money and track your Mukuru orders
  3. Update your profile
  4. Add and edit recipient details
  5. Reset your password on the go
  6. Access to your Mukuru Card
  7. Check the exchange rates
  8. Instant EFT
  9. Search for payment or cash collection partners
  10. Refer a friend

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