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Mukuru Funeral Cover

Planning your funeral might be the last thing on your mind, but don’t let your loved ones carry the burden

All Cover Options Include These Benefits

Guaranteed cash payouts for insured lives

Repatriation across all of Southern Africa

Accidental death benefit

Mukuru Funeral Policies

Plan for a dignified funeral with a selection of 4 cover options available to suit your needs. When you sign up for the Mukuru Funeral Cover you can get a cash lump sum to pay for funeral expenses such as a coffin and food.

Cover Options

Choose the cover option that best suits your needs

Send Me Home

Cover for individual known as the main member

Send Me Home Gold

Premium cover for an individual main member

Send Us Home Parent

Cover for a main member & 4 children

Send Us Home Family

Cover for a main member, spouse & 4 children
Monthly Premium R30 R55 R80 R120
Main Member total cash pay-out R15 000 R30 000 R25 000 R30 000
Spouse R22 500
Child (14-21) R7 500 R7 500
Child (6-13) R5 000 R5 000
Child (0-5) R2 500 R2 500
Accidental Death R15 000 R15 000 R15 000 R15 000
Repatriation* Every country in Southern Africa
Value assistance lines* Teacher | Legal | Trauma | Debt & Credit
Extended Family Benefits You can add 4 family members from 21 years and older as per premiums shown You can add up to 4 adults and 2 children as per premiums shown You can add up to 4 adults and 2 children as per premiums shown

All cover plans are subjected to a six (6) month waiting period from commencement of cover for natural death. There is no waiting period for accidental death. *Non-Guardrisk product

Protect Your Family

Get Mukuru Funeral Cover

Extended Family Funeral Cover

Choose the cover option by age category that best suits your needs

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Age Category Cover Monthly Premium Cover Monthly Premium Cover Monthly Premium
0 – 11 Months R 1 500 R3.50 R 3 000 R7.00 R 4 500 R10.50
1 – 5 Years R 2 500 R3.50 R 5 000 R7.00 R 7 500 R10.50
6 – 13 Years R 3 500 R3.50 R7 000 R7.00 R10 500 R10.50
14- 18 Years R5 000 R3.50 R10 000 R7.00 R15 000 R10.500
19 – 55 Years R5 000 R20.00 R10 000 R40.00 R15 000 R60.00
56 – 65 Years R5 000 R25.00 R10 000 R50.00 R15 000 R75.00
66- 75 Years R5 000 R30.00 R10 000 R60.00 R15 000 R90.00
76 – 85 Years R5 000 R40.00 R10 000 R80.00 R15 000 R120.00

We believe everyone matters, which is why Mukuru Funeral Cover will give you peace of mind knowing that your extended family members can also be covered.

Cover options:

Send Me Home Cover

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Cover for an individual known as the Main Member

Send Me Home Gold

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Premium cover for an individual known as the Main Member

Send Us Home Parent

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Cover for a Main Member and 4 Children

Send Me Home Family

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Cover for a Main Member, Spouse and
4 Children

Extended Family Funeral Cover

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Choose the cover option by age category that best suits your needs

Pay Your Mukuru Funeral Cover Premiums With Ease!

Ensure you are fully covered for the unexpected by making sure your premium payments are up to date.
Mukuru Funeral cover premiums are billed on the 2nd of every month

Mukuru Card

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Repatriation Offering

Mukuru-Funeral-Expatriation Country Map


The service is provided through the Europ Assistance Contact Centre, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. 


Within South Africa and neighbouring countries, repatriation is arranged for the deceased when the body is more than 100km from their place of residence/home.


We assist with the necessary documentation and co-ordination with the authorities to transport the deceased’s mortal remains back home. 


The benefit includes the transfer of ashes of the deceased to their place of residence after cremation. 


If family clients are required to identify the deceased, or wish to accompany the deceased to the final funeral home, closest to the place of burial, accommodation for one night is arranged and paid for. (Value: R1000) 

Mukuru Funeral Cover FAQs

How do I claim?

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How long will repatriation take?

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How long until I receive payment?

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In which countries in Mukuru Funeral Cover available?

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Terms & Conditions

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  • *All products are provided by Guardrisk except those marked with * which are provided by Europ Assist. Repatriation is a non-underwritten benefit. 
  • All cover plans are subject to a six (6) month waiting period in the case of natural death, Terms and Conditions apply.  
  • Note: Disclosure of inaccurate information during the application process may influence your claim payout. 
  • Exclusions: Suicide within the first 12 months from the commencement date of cover. 
  • For further information, contact us on 086 001 8556. 

Get Mukuru Funeral Cover starting from as low as R30 per month