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Mukuru Enterprise Payment Platform

Mukuru’s Enterprise Payment Platform offers aid organisations and employers a tech-based solution to distribute aid and pay employees.

Instant, Simple and Secure Payments

  1. Your employees don’t need a bank account.
  2. Instantaneous pay-out across our network into digital wallets or available for cash collection.
  3. Visit our self-service transactional portal for real-time payment management and reporting.
  4. Get a dedicated Account Manager for support.
  5. We offer a differential omnichannel payout network with extensive coverage across Southern and Eastern Africa, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Uganda and South Africa.
  6. We have established broad network across rural and urban centers providing deep coverage, convenience and reach.
  7. Reliable USD pay-out in Zimbabwe.
  8. Full traceability including the ability to capture and identify recipients via ID, mobile, name and picture. With real time reporting to sponsoring parties.
  9. Quick and simple onboarding.
  10. Transparent pricing – no extra costs.
  11. Tailored FX solutions for local and international source of funds.

The Next-Gen Financial Services Platform for Africa’s Emerging Consumers

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Mukuru Enterprise Payments

A Simple and Secure Way to Pay Your Employees