6 Facts About Mukuru and Our Instant Money Remittance Services

6 Facts About Mukuru and Our Instant Money Remittance Services

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If you have been seeking a money remittances company that helps you send money instantly to Africa, you may have come across Mukuru. As an industry leader when it comes to safe and affordable money transfers to the African continent, our esteemed customers know they can count on us to help them show their loved ones they care. Want to know a little more about our services and how the process works? Keep reading as we explore six facts about how our company is changing the world for the better.

1. You Can Set Up Your Own Account

When registering with us, you can choose the kind of account for which you wish to register based on how much money you want to send monthly. Your Mukuru account is safe and confidential and allows you to place and keep track of your money orders. This is where you can send money instantly, check fees, manage recipients, chat to our friendly support team, and much more.

2. Registering Takes No Time at All

Anyone 18 years and older, and either a resident or citizen of the United Kingdom, can register with us. The best part about signing up with us is that registration takes less than a minute before you can start sending money.

3. You Choose How You Pay

You can pay an order by electronic fund transfer (EFT) or by using your debit or credit card. Our payment options are totally secure, as we utilise 3D secure authentication that keeps all your information safe.

4. You Can Send Money to Several Countries in Africa

With Mukuru, you can send money instantly from the United Kingdom to several countries in Africa. These countries include Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, eSwatini, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Uganda. Our services are also available in six languages, namely, English, Shona, Chichewa, Sesotho, French, and Portuguese.

5. Our Services are Ultra-Affordable

Some companies overcharge on global money transfers, which means there is less left for those in your life who need financial support. Here at Mukuru, we pride ourselves on how affordable our services are. Emmanuel Kalema, a valued Mukuru customer who sends money to Uganda and Zimbabwe often, says he began using Mukuru after a friend told him about how easy and affordable it was to use. “When I send money to Kampala, I take some to help my family because they are still in school,” he adds.By using Mukuru, the money you save on inexpensive transfer fees can be spent on the most important thing there is – your loved ones.

6. Recipients Have Various Cash Collection Options

We have thousands of cash collection points and payout partners that your intended recipient can use to collect their money. In Zimbabwe alone, we have over 140 Mukuru Orange Booths situated across the country, including in rural areas, to ensure safe and convenient cash collection.
With a team of friendly and professional consultants on standby to help you, as well as a range of world-class services that cater to your needs, it’s no wonder Mukuru is a preferred money remittances company. To sign up with us and start supporting your loved ones today, click here

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